Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh yeh, It's Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it. I have to say, that celebrating Hannukah (to me) is far less stressful than celebrating Christmas!

It seems as though the entire bloggin universe has shut down their sites for Christmas. What the heck am I supposed to do know people??? Typically, I put Harris down for a nap, check my email, and enjoy sifting through my blog reader. I typically have at least 60-80 blog posts waiting for me when I have that opportunity. Guess how many I had today? 11. Yes, 11. What the heck am I supposed to do with that? And guess what 10 out of those 11 blog posts said? Go ahead, guess... "Merry Christmas, see you later". I would rather they had not blogged at all! LOL. I am not actually angry peeps, I just thought it was humerous.

So, what have we done today? Well, after changing the baby's clothes 3 times this morning due to either spit up or pee, I got up, ate breakfast, and sanded the trim in Harris' bedroom. Mindi is going to paint it this afternoon, after Harris wakes up. I am totally diggin the bedframe that I built (from scratch) and I cannot wait to actually put the mattress on it! I picked up a new sheet set for his bed in white, yes, white, as in, I am a very optimistic mommy... I am hoping to add a little embroidery to the pillowcases as soon as I find the time to pick up the right embroidery floss. I am totally digging the way his room is turning out. It is far better than I imagined already!!

I think I might try to take this opportunity (read lack of blogs to read) to sew something for the baby... or maybe I will just clean up my office- yeh, that sounds more realistic...

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  1. Sorry! During this time others make the plans.Must have more cake and finish a movie marathon.


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