Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #8

Well everyone, tonight is the last night of Hannukah 2009! it is also Shabbat, by the way- Shabbat Shalom! Harris got his fair share of fire and flames tonight, with the 2 Shabbat candles, as well as the 9 candles on our Menorah! I have really enjoyed Hannukah this year. Finally, we have at least 1 child who is old enough to (maybe not understand but at least) enjoy the holiday. He definately understands what a "present" is now, and what "gelt" is also- that is for sure!

Tonight's final gift was another handmade gift by me. I made Harris a set of bean bags with number appliques on them from 1 to 10. I REALLY enjoyed making this gift for him. I raided my remnant stash, and even managed to have enough fabric left over to make a sturdy drawstring bag to keep them in! Bean bags are such a versitile and open ended toy. They will certainly keep Harris (and now Stella too) entertained well into their early tweens. These toys are also INSANELY EASY to make.

Yes, yes, we are still in "commando mode"

A little side note about the peg people- a few of you asked about where you could get the pegs. There are a number of websites that you can find them at- just Google "peg people". Personally, I found my unfinished peg people on (one of my favorite places!). If you go there, just type in "peg people". You will find many sellers offering the unfinished peg people, as well as a TON of inspiration, and painted peg people that you can buy or have custom made.

Happy Hannukah!!


  1. Reading your blog every night has made me want to learn more about Hanukkah. It is very interesting (and nice)reading how different religions celebrate everything without feeling like its being shoved down your throat. Thank you! Shalom


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