Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #7

Ha! Thank you to Emily, for shedding some (embarrasing) light on Harris' new kiddush cup! If you are not one to go back to old posts to read the comments, then let me fill you in!
"by the way, just a heads up that the kiddush cup that you got for Harris is actually a Miriam's cup -- a modern-day balance to the Elijah cup -- that is used at the Passover seder. Obviously he can use it for a kiddush cup, but thought you'd want to know that that's what it says, and what the picture is, on the cup. ;) -- Emily "
Awesome! I am so happy to know that I gave him a passover cup! Well, it is still adorable, and he loves it. To my credit, I, unfortunately, cannot read Hebrew, and to Mindi's credit (who can read Hebrew), I didn't show her the cup first... way to go Lynn...

Now that we have that cleared up... On to Hannukah night #7! Tonight's gift to Harris was one of my 2 favorite handmade by me gifts. The other one that is up for first place running is coming tomorrow night. Tonight's gift was our family in wood! Peg People!! These things can be addictive I tell you! They are great left plain and natural wood, or painted. Obviously, for my purposes, I realized that harris would have more luck recognizing our family more easily if they resembled us, as opposed to looking like little logs. I had a lot of fun painting these!

In other news, Harris asked to go "commando" all day today. Much to our amazement, he has been peeing in his potty all day, and even surprised us with an unexpected poop in the potty too! He is amazing I tell ya- not even 2, and using the potty. Aren't kids supposed to regress, as opposed to potty train themselves when a new sibling comes along? I am not counting my chickens just yet but, seriously...

Oh, and to all of my delicious readers that shower me with labels such as "super mom" and "the most incredible mom in the universe", I am not that incredible, I just had nothing to do while we were waiting for little Stella to arrive, remember? That is how I managed to come up with and make these gifts. LOL


  1. Seeeee....I told you he was ready.That kid isn't lacking in the brain department.Hopefully before long dolly will have all his diapers *wink*

  2. Well, as a confirmed non-crafter, I still call you Superwoman. I couldn't have done any of that stuff back when I was a teenager with nothing to do at all.

    If you offer things like the menorah and the Peg People in your Etsy shop I would totally be a paying customer. Keep us posted.

  3. What are those little pegs-- where did you find them? I'd like to make some of them!

  4. Yeah, me too (what Teaberry said). I've seen the old fashioned clothespins (my mom and I used to dress them up when I was little), but I've never seen those kind that you have that can stand by themselves.


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