Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #6

Happy Hannukah- Night #6! harris has definately gotten the "light the candles, then get a gift" trend down. He asks for his "present" as soon as the menorah candles come out. Tonight's gift was a good Jewish gift. We gave Harris a beautiful handpainted, wooden kiddush cup and saucer set. I did not make this cup set, BUT, like I said, it IS hand made! Yippee! It is customary for each male family member to have his own kiddush cup, just as it is customary for every female in the household to have her own set of Shabbat candlesticks. When Stella is old enough, she will get her own set of sticks. Harris seemed pretty happy with his new kiddush cup- especially after we put a tiny bit of Manischewitz wine in it to show him why it was special!

In other news, we have been making good use of Mindi's time off. Like I mentioned the other day, I picked up the lumber for the bedframe. Today, I got around to cutting all of the wood for the bedframe, I stained the headboard, and painted the exterior panels. Tomorrow, I am planning on finishing the second coat of paint, and I am hoping to be able to assemble the bedframe! Harris' room is painted (and looks awesome by the way). After the bedframe, we will start working on our new trim! We are eventually going to replace all of the trim throughout the hoouse. We will be installing 6inch baseboards, 4 inch door and window trim, and crown moulding of some sort. Wahoo!


  1. ok, I didn't know I could be more bowled over by your parenting, but I *so* am. not only celebrating hanukah with a newborn, but homemade (and beautiful!!) presents? *and* getting it all into your blog so quickly? wow.

    by the way, just a heads up that the kiddush cup that you got for Harris is actually a Miriam's cup -- a modern-day balance to the Elijah cup -- that is used at the Passover seder. Obviously he can use it for a kiddush cup, but thought you'd want to know that that's what it says, and what the picture is, on the cup. ;) -- Emily

  2. omg..didn't you just give birth?! you really are superwoman!


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