Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #5

Ok, ok, tonight's gift was another store-bought one- at the dollar store to be exact! Wouldn't you know it, however, that sometimes those darn dollar store toys end up being the best-loved... Tonight's gift was a dolly disappearing milk bottle. I figured Harris would love to feed dolly as he watches little Stella eating, and boy, was I right! It was a huge hit. Even as we were tucking him in to sleep he was talking about "Dolly Milk". Too cute!

Here is a question for the other moms in the trenches- I am wondering how long this "cry until my throat hurts, begging for the moms to sleep with me, tantrum every 5 second about anything and everything" phase will last with my 2 year old?!?!?! I understand that there is a serious adjustment period for new siblings, and I am just looking for other mom's experiences. Stories and/or advice ladies??


  1. How about a psychologist (although not parent...) viewpoint?! Children at this age feel an overwhelming urge to avoid the eldest child feeling of being "dethroned". They don't rationalize it obviously, they just feel a sense of seperation that they don't know how to handle. Im sure you are doing everything in your power to normalize the situation for him and continue his sense of belonging and being loved. That is what you can do, he will realize that he is not being abandoned or replaced and readjust to his new place within the family unit.
    I know that doesn't help with the pain of hearing him cry, but maybe some slight consolation that giving him love and reassurance (as Im sure you are doing) will eventually work...am I helping? :)

  2. ps: its 3am and I have gotten almost no sleep this week because of finals, so I may be deliriously typing. (oh and feel loved because reading your blog is my small blissful break from writing papers!...why did I make it psychology related? yeesh!)

  3. I have no ideas on how long the crying will last or how to get it to stop, but I wanted to say how adorable I think all of the gifts are that you've given Harris, both the ones homemade and not. He's so cute in those photos with the dolly and the milk!
    Anyway, I think you are awesome parents and I'm glad you're out there.

  4. Alas, no advice here either (except the observation that our 2 year old is displaying some of that drama, and he doesn't have the new sibling yet, so some of Harris' behavior could be just plain developmental).

    But our J. is getting his sister in March, so I am watching you guys... :-)


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