Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #3

I am a bad mom, and neglected to get a picture of Harris with his Hannukah night #3 gift! Tonight's gift was a bag of milk chocolate gelt. How he knew I will never know, but he guessed right off the bat what was inside the little golden foil! "Bite it" was the first thiong out of his mouth when I pulled out those little coins! Tomorrow's gift is another homemade one, so stay tuned...

We started demolition on Harris' bedroom tonight! Mindi removed all of the existing trim, and I patched some holes. Tomorrow, Mindi will disassemble his current closet configuration. I am hoping to get started on painting the walls tomorrow. Mindi is on leave until January 4th, and we both want to take full advantage of the time that she has to help with these projects!

p.s. are there any other "blogger" bloggers out there that know where the spell check function went since they changed their new post format????

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  1. Im really holding out for someone to know what happened to the spell check tool......anyone?


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