Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #2

...Aaaah the second night of Hannukah... after battling an over-tired tiddler that had refused to nap at all today, we finally managed to stop the waterworks (his, mind you, not ours!) and light our menorah! He loves watching Mindi light the candles, and got even a bigger kick out of adding another candle to his felt menorah. I received a few really sweet comments about me making some felt menorahs to sell. I think that it would be super fun to sell in my etsy shop when I finally have the time to stock it! They really are very easy to make, however, and you don't even have to know how to sew. Try searching "felt menorah" and see what you find! It is easy! Tonight's gift was store- bought. We gave Harris his first dreidel and he LOVED it. It is the little things in life!! He has a little Hannukah story book that talks about dreidels, and he loves to sit there and say "spin spin spin little top!" It is super cute when you can hear the inflection in his voice!

In other news, we are FINALLY out of limbo! Stella is out of my tummy (1 week and 1 day now!) I am almost completely healed from the birth, and we are ready to work on the house! As I mentioned in a previous post, our next 2 projects are to finish Harris' room and to redo the bathroom. Tomorrow, I am planning to remove the trim in Harris' room and prep the walls for paint! We are going to add all new trim and window moulding throughout the house, so we are starting there! Also, I went to Home Depot today to pick up all the lumber that I will need to build Harris' bed frame, as well as a new miter saw! Wahoo!

Here is some photo love:


  1. She is precious. Im loving her red hair

  2. I'm impressed with your stamina with a newborn and a toddler! :) My partner LOVES her miter saw. I thought your felt menorah was really cool!

  3. Coming out of lurkdom to say that you are my hero. Almost completely healed? I wasn't able to dress myself daily until my daughter was at least a month old. Go you!! Your family is beautiful, BTW.


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