Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Boy

Tomorrow is little Harris' Birthday! I can't believe that he will be 2! I am also amazed at how large he is. I realize that he is no larger than the average 2 year old, but now that we have a 6 and a half pound baby in our house, he seems a lot bigger than before.
little harris
little harris again
little stella and big harris!

We are still going commando around here. We have had fantastic successes in the #1 and #2 departments, but he has also discovered that his pee slingin' weinee can be a fantastic weapon against the moms when he does not get enough attention... let's just say that he has "blessed" our carpet a couple of times, and Stella's little bed once too... Either way, though, he is doing great. We don't really know where to go from here though. He is still wearing diapers at night, and he refuses to wear underwear during the day. This morning, Mindi tried to put him in some loose, comfy sweats (sans diaper) so that he could practice pulling his pants up and down to go potty. She spent at least 10 minutes with him, talking about how to pull them up and down, and talking about the fact that he was not to pee in the pants becuase he was not wearing a diaper. 5 minutes later, he was standing in a puddle...

Any advice from you experienced parents???


  1. When Rowan was ready she was ready. We tried the comando thing...and a gazzillion other strategies which all resulted in tears. One day..shortly after her 2nd bday.. she came home from daycare, peed on he potty... and that was that.. it was her decision... and so it was an easy one :)

  2. Weeeeeee....they grow so fast.

  3. No advice, but a big Happy Birthday wish to Harris!!

  4. we had a similar experience as anabelle. so my advice would be to continue doing what you're doing when you're home and put him in pull ups while you're out. at least you give him the opportunity to go on the potty while you're out but there's no pressure.

    good luck!!

    and a very happy birthday to the big boys AND his moms!!

  5. aww, happy birthday harris! btw, i love his hair... he looks like a little imp!

    p.s. i used to be something like a post-partum doula, and even though i saw newborns all the time, they always seemed so small! they grow so quickly, it's easy to forget :)


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