Sunday, December 27, 2009

Too Busy Buildin'

Dude, I have been far too busy building a bedframe to post... The "Harris bedroom project" is coming along, and I think that we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Tomorrow's quest is a trip to IKEA for the closet inards. I am itching to put Harris' mattress onto his new bed frame, but I know that I need to wait until the contruction is completed to do that! Mindi and I are both surprised at how long this bedroom project has taken, but I think that we need to get used to the speed, considering the fact that we now have 2 kids... On a positive note, Mindi and I both feel as though the bedroom project has made a night and day difference in his room, and we cannot wait to move on to the bathroom remodel!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh yeh, It's Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it. I have to say, that celebrating Hannukah (to me) is far less stressful than celebrating Christmas!

It seems as though the entire bloggin universe has shut down their sites for Christmas. What the heck am I supposed to do know people??? Typically, I put Harris down for a nap, check my email, and enjoy sifting through my blog reader. I typically have at least 60-80 blog posts waiting for me when I have that opportunity. Guess how many I had today? 11. Yes, 11. What the heck am I supposed to do with that? And guess what 10 out of those 11 blog posts said? Go ahead, guess... "Merry Christmas, see you later". I would rather they had not blogged at all! LOL. I am not actually angry peeps, I just thought it was humerous.

So, what have we done today? Well, after changing the baby's clothes 3 times this morning due to either spit up or pee, I got up, ate breakfast, and sanded the trim in Harris' bedroom. Mindi is going to paint it this afternoon, after Harris wakes up. I am totally diggin the bedframe that I built (from scratch) and I cannot wait to actually put the mattress on it! I picked up a new sheet set for his bed in white, yes, white, as in, I am a very optimistic mommy... I am hoping to add a little embroidery to the pillowcases as soon as I find the time to pick up the right embroidery floss. I am totally digging the way his room is turning out. It is far better than I imagined already!!

I think I might try to take this opportunity (read lack of blogs to read) to sew something for the baby... or maybe I will just clean up my office- yeh, that sounds more realistic...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Harris!

After spending all morning at the dentist for Mindi and myself, Harris got to celebrate his birthday with a lot of hugs, kisses, ice cream, and presents!

happy Birthday little Harris- we love you!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Boy

Tomorrow is little Harris' Birthday! I can't believe that he will be 2! I am also amazed at how large he is. I realize that he is no larger than the average 2 year old, but now that we have a 6 and a half pound baby in our house, he seems a lot bigger than before.
little harris
little harris again
little stella and big harris!

We are still going commando around here. We have had fantastic successes in the #1 and #2 departments, but he has also discovered that his pee slingin' weinee can be a fantastic weapon against the moms when he does not get enough attention... let's just say that he has "blessed" our carpet a couple of times, and Stella's little bed once too... Either way, though, he is doing great. We don't really know where to go from here though. He is still wearing diapers at night, and he refuses to wear underwear during the day. This morning, Mindi tried to put him in some loose, comfy sweats (sans diaper) so that he could practice pulling his pants up and down to go potty. She spent at least 10 minutes with him, talking about how to pull them up and down, and talking about the fact that he was not to pee in the pants becuase he was not wearing a diaper. 5 minutes later, he was standing in a puddle...

Any advice from you experienced parents???

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Keep 'em Busy

Have you ever had a moment when you think "I need to get this kid off my tail for 10 minutes!".

I am sure you have never felt that way.


Well, if you have, this is what you have them do.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #8

Well everyone, tonight is the last night of Hannukah 2009! it is also Shabbat, by the way- Shabbat Shalom! Harris got his fair share of fire and flames tonight, with the 2 Shabbat candles, as well as the 9 candles on our Menorah! I have really enjoyed Hannukah this year. Finally, we have at least 1 child who is old enough to (maybe not understand but at least) enjoy the holiday. He definately understands what a "present" is now, and what "gelt" is also- that is for sure!

Tonight's final gift was another handmade gift by me. I made Harris a set of bean bags with number appliques on them from 1 to 10. I REALLY enjoyed making this gift for him. I raided my remnant stash, and even managed to have enough fabric left over to make a sturdy drawstring bag to keep them in! Bean bags are such a versitile and open ended toy. They will certainly keep Harris (and now Stella too) entertained well into their early tweens. These toys are also INSANELY EASY to make.

Yes, yes, we are still in "commando mode"

A little side note about the peg people- a few of you asked about where you could get the pegs. There are a number of websites that you can find them at- just Google "peg people". Personally, I found my unfinished peg people on (one of my favorite places!). If you go there, just type in "peg people". You will find many sellers offering the unfinished peg people, as well as a TON of inspiration, and painted peg people that you can buy or have custom made.

Happy Hannukah!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #7

Ha! Thank you to Emily, for shedding some (embarrasing) light on Harris' new kiddush cup! If you are not one to go back to old posts to read the comments, then let me fill you in!
"by the way, just a heads up that the kiddush cup that you got for Harris is actually a Miriam's cup -- a modern-day balance to the Elijah cup -- that is used at the Passover seder. Obviously he can use it for a kiddush cup, but thought you'd want to know that that's what it says, and what the picture is, on the cup. ;) -- Emily "
Awesome! I am so happy to know that I gave him a passover cup! Well, it is still adorable, and he loves it. To my credit, I, unfortunately, cannot read Hebrew, and to Mindi's credit (who can read Hebrew), I didn't show her the cup first... way to go Lynn...

Now that we have that cleared up... On to Hannukah night #7! Tonight's gift to Harris was one of my 2 favorite handmade by me gifts. The other one that is up for first place running is coming tomorrow night. Tonight's gift was our family in wood! Peg People!! These things can be addictive I tell you! They are great left plain and natural wood, or painted. Obviously, for my purposes, I realized that harris would have more luck recognizing our family more easily if they resembled us, as opposed to looking like little logs. I had a lot of fun painting these!

In other news, Harris asked to go "commando" all day today. Much to our amazement, he has been peeing in his potty all day, and even surprised us with an unexpected poop in the potty too! He is amazing I tell ya- not even 2, and using the potty. Aren't kids supposed to regress, as opposed to potty train themselves when a new sibling comes along? I am not counting my chickens just yet but, seriously...

Oh, and to all of my delicious readers that shower me with labels such as "super mom" and "the most incredible mom in the universe", I am not that incredible, I just had nothing to do while we were waiting for little Stella to arrive, remember? That is how I managed to come up with and make these gifts. LOL

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #6

Happy Hannukah- Night #6! harris has definately gotten the "light the candles, then get a gift" trend down. He asks for his "present" as soon as the menorah candles come out. Tonight's gift was a good Jewish gift. We gave Harris a beautiful handpainted, wooden kiddush cup and saucer set. I did not make this cup set, BUT, like I said, it IS hand made! Yippee! It is customary for each male family member to have his own kiddush cup, just as it is customary for every female in the household to have her own set of Shabbat candlesticks. When Stella is old enough, she will get her own set of sticks. Harris seemed pretty happy with his new kiddush cup- especially after we put a tiny bit of Manischewitz wine in it to show him why it was special!

In other news, we have been making good use of Mindi's time off. Like I mentioned the other day, I picked up the lumber for the bedframe. Today, I got around to cutting all of the wood for the bedframe, I stained the headboard, and painted the exterior panels. Tomorrow, I am planning on finishing the second coat of paint, and I am hoping to be able to assemble the bedframe! Harris' room is painted (and looks awesome by the way). After the bedframe, we will start working on our new trim! We are eventually going to replace all of the trim throughout the hoouse. We will be installing 6inch baseboards, 4 inch door and window trim, and crown moulding of some sort. Wahoo!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #5

Ok, ok, tonight's gift was another store-bought one- at the dollar store to be exact! Wouldn't you know it, however, that sometimes those darn dollar store toys end up being the best-loved... Tonight's gift was a dolly disappearing milk bottle. I figured Harris would love to feed dolly as he watches little Stella eating, and boy, was I right! It was a huge hit. Even as we were tucking him in to sleep he was talking about "Dolly Milk". Too cute!

Here is a question for the other moms in the trenches- I am wondering how long this "cry until my throat hurts, begging for the moms to sleep with me, tantrum every 5 second about anything and everything" phase will last with my 2 year old?!?!?! I understand that there is a serious adjustment period for new siblings, and I am just looking for other mom's experiences. Stories and/or advice ladies??

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #4

I figured I would make at least 1 gift that Harris had actually asked for, so tonight's Hannukah gift to Harris was a diaper for his dolly! Harris has had dolly for quite a while and loooovees her. They sleep together every night- it is very sweet. It was even sweeter that she cost me about $5 at the Fred Meyer. After all, I didn't want to commit to a nice dolly, only to have him turn around and abandon the thing after five minutes. So, naturally, after a while, he started to ask that I "change dolly- dolly change, dolly diaper". So what is a good mother to do? I obliged! I raided my fabric remnants and came up with some flannel. I realize that, when the diaper is not on dolly, it very much looks like a pair of racy bikini undies with velcro. LOL. What can I say- dolly is an edgy gal...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #3

I am a bad mom, and neglected to get a picture of Harris with his Hannukah night #3 gift! Tonight's gift was a bag of milk chocolate gelt. How he knew I will never know, but he guessed right off the bat what was inside the little golden foil! "Bite it" was the first thiong out of his mouth when I pulled out those little coins! Tomorrow's gift is another homemade one, so stay tuned...

We started demolition on Harris' bedroom tonight! Mindi removed all of the existing trim, and I patched some holes. Tomorrow, Mindi will disassemble his current closet configuration. I am hoping to get started on painting the walls tomorrow. Mindi is on leave until January 4th, and we both want to take full advantage of the time that she has to help with these projects!

p.s. are there any other "blogger" bloggers out there that know where the spell check function went since they changed their new post format????

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Hannukah-Night #2

...Aaaah the second night of Hannukah... after battling an over-tired tiddler that had refused to nap at all today, we finally managed to stop the waterworks (his, mind you, not ours!) and light our menorah! He loves watching Mindi light the candles, and got even a bigger kick out of adding another candle to his felt menorah. I received a few really sweet comments about me making some felt menorahs to sell. I think that it would be super fun to sell in my etsy shop when I finally have the time to stock it! They really are very easy to make, however, and you don't even have to know how to sew. Try searching "felt menorah" and see what you find! It is easy! Tonight's gift was store- bought. We gave Harris his first dreidel and he LOVED it. It is the little things in life!! He has a little Hannukah story book that talks about dreidels, and he loves to sit there and say "spin spin spin little top!" It is super cute when you can hear the inflection in his voice!

In other news, we are FINALLY out of limbo! Stella is out of my tummy (1 week and 1 day now!) I am almost completely healed from the birth, and we are ready to work on the house! As I mentioned in a previous post, our next 2 projects are to finish Harris' room and to redo the bathroom. Tomorrow, I am planning to remove the trim in Harris' room and prep the walls for paint! We are going to add all new trim and window moulding throughout the house, so we are starting there! Also, I went to Home Depot today to pick up all the lumber that I will need to build Harris' bed frame, as well as a new miter saw! Wahoo!

Here is some photo love:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Hannukah- Night #1

Happy Hannukah! This year, since Harris has been showing such an awesome interest in Shabbat on Friday nights, I felt that he would probably really enjoy celebrating Hannukah too. Last year, with Harris being barely 1 and all, we didn't make a big deal out of Hannukah. In fact, I can't even remember if we lit our menorah or not... Anyways, this year, along with lighting our menorahs and saying the blessings, I wanted to make sure that we added in the small gifts portion of Hannukah into our celebration. I know how commercial the Holidays can be, and every day I grow further and further away from desiring merchandise that has been mass produced. This Hannukah, I decided to try and make as many gifts as I could, or buy handmade items Mindi and I are not really exchanging gifts, so I was able to focus on Harris! I have to admit, I do have 2 mass produced items in my list, but I am very proud of the other things that I DID make!

Happy Hannukah! Night #1
I wanted Harris to be able to enjoy the tradition of lighting the candles of the menorah without actually setting anything on fire, and so I made him a felt menorah. It has magnets so that we can affix it to the refrigerator, and 9 candles made of mini popsicle sticks and felt flames. His eyes lit up when he saw it and it made me so proud!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I have to say, I am feelin' good from my head to my toes. I know that I NEED to complete this post before tomorrow, because tomorrow is the potentially dreadful, Day 3 postpartum. The third day postpartum is commonly the day that a huge hormonal shift happens. Milk production increases, and the pregnant hormones plummet. Typically, it can be the start of the "baby blues". This is certainly not the case in every woman, but right now, with day 3 looming around the corner, I feel I must recognize, and relish in the current "good time" that I am experiencing.

For some odd reason, I have found the first few days after the arrival of this little one to be completely different than the first few days after Harris arrived. With Harris, I was anxiety ridden, sleep deprived, emotional from the get-go, and practically delirious. With Stella, I feel calm, rested, and in love with my family as a whole.

So why is it so different? Well, let’s start with me. From the top down…

1. My Head. I am not sleep deprived. Why? Because I do not lay up all night obsessing about whether or not my baby is still breathing. We go to bed at the same time each night (10pm) like we have done for the last 2 years with a toddler. We have a “normal” schedule, and we stick to it. We have been getting up every 2-3 hours as recommended by the midwives to try and nurse her, but other than that, we actually sleep when we go to bed. I realize that could change, but I am speaking in the present tense. In addition to the lack of complete sleep deprivation, I feel like my skin is super clear and glowy looking. I like that- wouldn’t you?

2. My Boobs. I think my milk is starting to come in- all of a sudden, during my shower, I realized that they mysteriously grew a few cup sizes and they are starting to get hot. I have always had a “glitch in the milk making” due to a breast reduction I had in 2004, but I am not letting myself get worked up about it. We will take it as it comes this time and not hold any expectations. Also, as it stands right now, my nips are not torn to shreds because I took advantage of the power of Lanolin from the get-go, as well as the knowledge of the proper latch.

3. My Belly. I don’t feel like I look as big directly post partum this time, as I did last time. I have no idea if this is really the case, or simply a figment of my imagination. I don’t care which it is, and of you disagree (Mindi) keep it to yourself and let me live in my disillusion. Maybe the knowledge that my tummy tuck fund has been growing and gaining since before Stella’s conception has something to do with my optimism…

4. My Punani. I am happy to report that, despite having a nasty second degree tear during the birth of Harris, my precious lady bits slid by without so much as a rug burn. Heck, I don’t even really recall experiencing a true “ring of fire” this time. Don’t get me wrong, it stung a little, but nothing like last time! Also, I have already graduated from those fancy mesh hospital panties (who here knows what I am talking about?) back to my regular undies. That is something to feel good about! Also, the bleeding is practically over, and I am just barely stepping up to day 3. Shorter than a regular period? Wowsers. My Witch Hazel soaked pads stored in the freezer came in darn handy and really did the trick to ease any soreness. I highly recommend stocking your freezer with a stash of those before your baby is born, ladies. On another, more intimate note- I looked. Yup, you read that right. I got out my good old’ looking glass, got into a crazy yoga pose and looked. I was completely shocked. I still look like a virgin. Yes siree- no swelling and tight as can be ;).

Next up, is my family. Mindi and I have been working hard to keep things realistic and fair. We both realize that since I am the one nursing, I have to be a little more “alert” in the middle of the night. Because I mainly do the nighttime Stella stuff, Mindi wears earplugs so that she can rest more soundly. She does get up in the middle of the night too, but I deal with the whimpering baby stuff. Then, during the day, she takes a nap with Stella while I am with Harris, and then I get a nap all by myself, with just the company of my own earplugs and a blackout mask for about 2 hours while Harris naps and Mindi has the baby. Because I am currently unable to lift and chase 2 year old Harris, He is Mindi’s main focus, while mine is Stella. I feel that Mindi and I are both communicating our needs well, and I really hope that we are able to keep it up. It has been wonderful.

Harris seems to be acclimating far better to his new little sister than we ever would have expected. He asks to hold her (with help), tells us he loves her, and is using wonderful gentle touches with her. He has had a few “hairy moments” but overall, he is being awesome. Only time will tell as we continue on our journey from a family of 3 to a new, and now complete, family of 4.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Birth Story of Stella Ruth

On the morning of December 4, 2009, I was awakened at 5am with an uncomfortable contraction and the need to pee. We were 6 days past our estimated due date, and I was beginning to think that the baby would never show up. I fumbled out of bed to the bathroom. After returning to bed, I lamented to myself about the lack of any real contractions. I dozed off, and was twice awakened by 2 more annoying yet mild contractions over the course of the next 30 minutes. Around 6am, after drifting in and out of sleep, I started to have contractions that, while somewhat mild, had more of a rhythm to them. After 2 or 3 of these contractions, Mindi noticed that I was tossing and turning. I decided to get up and walk around the bedroom to see if the contractions would change or stay the same. After I got up, I decided to time my contractions. They were noticeable but not painful, coming every 4 minutes or so, and lasting 30- 60 seconds in length. Mindi and I decided together that we should call our “birth team” (Midwife, Doula, and good friend) to alert them that “today may be the day”. It was 6:45am when I picked up the phone to page the midwife and call the doula and my friend. I mentioned my contractions casually to the midwife, I told the doula to have a “head’s up”, and told my friend to “take your time, eat, shower, and come when you are ready”. Luckily for me, my friend, who lives 1 hour away (with traffic), was too excited to take it slow, and my midwife had the foresight to come straight over. At 7:30am, I called the doula back to tell her to aim for 8am. My contractions were not intense enough to require assistance at that point, but they were moving steadily along. While waiting for the labor to progress, Mindi made Harris and I breakfast, then she hopped in the shower. I wandered around the house, setting up the pool and bed for labor. The contractions were about 3 minutes apart, and still completely manageable. I talked to Harris during my contractions, asking if he could blow air out like me. He seemed to enjoy my playful requests.
The Midwife showed up at about 8am. When she came to the door, I offered to help her carry in her bags of supplies. She gave me a funny side glance, stating that “typically the laboring mother doesn’t usually help the midwife with the equipment…” What can I say, I am a nice person. We set her bags in the bedroom, and she quickly got to work setting out her supplies and taking my vitals, as well as listening to the baby. The contractions were steady but not too intense. She checked me and I was about 5cm dilated. She said that she could also feel the bag of waters bulging at the opening of the cervix. “Oh yay” was my jolly response, and off I went to walk around during some more contractions.

At about 8:15am, both my doula and my friend showed up. I was not ready to be touched by the doula at that point, so she casually and unobtrusively followed me around awaiting direction from me. My friend got straight to work entertaining and snuggling with Harris. He absolutely loves her, and so it was very easy for her to distract him with books and giggling.

At about 8:25am, the contractions kicked it up a notch and I asked for my doula’s help in the form of counter-pressure on my lower back. She obliged and worked with me for about 3 intense contractions. In between contractions, we talked and joked casually. In the other room, I could hear the midwife on the telephone with another midwife at a birth across town. She told her my status, and stated that she felt that the baby would be born within the hour. I phased the comment out in my head because I did not agree with her presumption. I was too calm and happy to be birthing a baby within the hour.

At about 8:35am, I decided to try to use the toilet one last time. I was one foot outside of my bathroom door, when *GUSH* my water broke theatrically. “Oh WOW!” was my response. I proceeded to take off my soaked lounge pants while Mindi threw a towel down on the puddle. Mindi asked me if I wanted some new pants and I figured ‘why bother’. Instead, I asked Mindi to go into the living room and shut the shades so that I could walk around the house uninhibited. She left the room as the midwife walked in, and I was hit by a huge and intense contraction. The doula ran behind me to apply counter-pressure. I was barely able to catch my breath, and I reached down between my legs. I could feel her head about 3 inches inside the opening. “Oh my God- I feel her head!” The midwife rushed to my side and got down on her knees to make sure the baby wasn’t going to be born onto the floor. She urged me to get onto the bed on my side. I resisted. I could not fathom lying down at the moment, but she insisted. I did as she suggested. I was shaking and sweating. I let out a loud moan, and Mindi came running back into the room. The contraction ended and I rested. Mindi got a washcloth for my head. Another contraction began and I pushed gently while the midwife helped ease the baby’s head with her fingers. I rested again, held Mindi’s hand, and pushed gently one more time. The baby’s head was born, followed immediately by her little body. All of a sudden, she was on my chest, crying. The second she was out, I called for my friend. I could hear Harris’ little feet padding down the hallway ahead of her. Harris had the most beautiful look of surprise and contemplation on his face. After a few minutes, he got up the courage to climb into Mindi’s lap near my head.

Everyone was amazed by how fast the whole labor went. It felt as if it was over before it even started. While the very first signs of labor started with a short, mild contraction at 5am, the uncomfortable contractions didn’t start until about 8:25am, resulting in her birth, a mere 20 minutes later.


Stella Ruth, born at home with an assisted, unmedicated, home birth at 40 weeks, 6 days. 1 Midwife, 1 doula, 1 close friend, our 2 year old son Harris, and partner Mindi present. Active labor began at 7:30am, water broke at 8:35am, and Stella was born at 8:45am, weighing 6lbs.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcome Stella Ruth!

Sorry I couldn't update sooner, I was too busy pushing out the baby! My initial post was a 6:45am and she was born a mere 2 hours later at 8:45am!! The contractions really picked up right before my water broke at about 8:30am. She came flying out 15 minutes later. I will post the full birth story a little later, but here is a pic and the stats!

Stella Ruth
6lbs even
19 inches long

head 12.75 inches

Good morning blogland!

It is 6:45am. I have Contraction Master up and running. This morning was mine to sleep in, but the whole house is up and buzzing. Let's not all hold our breath or anything, but my lovely wife is making me a high protein breakfast!

*ETA* My midwife just returned my page and guess where she is? ...on her way to another birth...

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Last night, the acupuncture seemed to really help. I had decent contractions all evening. I knew that the big test was going to be whether or not they continued through the night. Much to my amazed and pleasant surprise, I actually had trouble sleeping becuase I was having some very uncomfortable, and what seemed like consistant contractions. I would toss and turn, with my low back aching during each contraction, and eventually fall asleep, just to be awakened by another persistant grouping of contractions. For the first time, I thought to myself  "I think we might have a baby tomorrow".

It was my morning to wake up early with Harris, and he was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:45am. I reluctantly rolled out of bed and very quickly realized that my achy back was gone. As were my contractions.

Man oh man- you have GOT to be shitting me!

So here I sit, jaded and exhausted after enduring an all night marathon of contractions, with nothing to show for it! No broken water, no bloody show, and obviously, NO BABY! I am pissed.

I have tried the birth ball and more nipple stimulation this am with no luck. Maybe 1 or 2 Braxton Hicks contractions. And to Sandy, my adorably inquisitive cousin (whom Harris shares a birthday)- thanks for the phone call last night- the nipple stimm obviously didn't do the trick, and I had to stop after 10 minutes because my nippers are too sensitive right now for that nonsense...

Go ahead friends, pity me, the poor, 5 days overdue, with no end in sight pregnant lady. *Sigh*

*ETA* Oh yeh, and to add insult to injury, I got a parking ticket last night while I was parked outside the midwife's office! For Pete's sake!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wishful thinking Malea...

So, we just got home and put little Harris to bed. This afternoon we went to the Little Gym (all three of us) and we got some disbelieving looks from some of our playmates. Our instructer nearly fell over when she saw me walk through the door with Harris and Mindi. Initially, people thought that only Mindi was there with Harris, but then my belly walked in.

3:30pm came and we went to the midwife. She did a membrane sweep (youchy!) and then I skipped right into my acupuncture appointment. I didn't feel a whole lot during the session, but the contractions that I did have were a little more intense than usual. We went out to dinner at The Teapot Restaurant downtown (which was nummy nummy). I had some more contractions there too, as well as all the way home. I am currently sitting on my birth bath, playing with my nipples. Wow- sounds kinky... not really- it is supposed to stimulate contractions people...

So, no no no to my faithful reader Malea (and many many others) the little baby has not yet come out! We are about to start working on 5 days late here in a few hours!

I was really hoping that the membrane sweep, the acupuncture appointment, PLUS THE FULL MOON would help us move along... the night is still relatively young however...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Poke It

I have another midwife appointment tomorrow. When I made the appointment, I honestly did not think that I would be attending it- after all, it was scheduled 4 days past my due date. There was no way I would make it to that day without a baby in my arms... Well, joke's on me I guess. Mindi and I were musing a bit about trying some acupuncture in an effort to get things moving. On our errand run today, I had Mindi on the lookout for acupuncture places. I felt like we were looking for a good drive thru. Mindi thought it might be wise to call our midwife to ask her if she thought it was a good idea.

I did. She did.

But, after finding out that she had just pulled another all-nighter last night, I figured I would wait on the drive thru acupuncture session, and schedule one at their office instead to follow a membrane sweep scheduled at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, the membrane sweep, plus a zesty acupuncture session will be just enough to convince my uterus to get to work.

On a cute side note, Harris came up to me today, looked at my belly, and yelled- "Baby! Come OUT!" It was very sweet.


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