Friday, November 6, 2009

Where is my Baby?

Is it just me, or does my barely 2 year old almost look like a teenager in this picture? Ok, well maybe not a teenager, but almost on the brink of puberty?! I mean, really! Where the heck did my tiny little cooing/gurgling/babbling baby boy go? Now, he speaks in (almost) complete sentences. Children and their development never cease to amaze me.I had to add this picture to the post. Mindi managed to catch a sweet moment before dinner where Harris was enjoying the gentle thumps of a kicking sibling. It was very cute to see him subtly respond to the movement in my belly. We are 3 weeks away from "The DUE DATE".


  1. so cute, and yeah, definetly we get freaked out by our non baby baby these days. Love the pic of him listening/receiving thumps. thats one to save for the memory books


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