Monday, November 30, 2009

Take That Fruit Flies

Since moving into our new house, Mindi and I have FINALLY started composting our kitchen scraps. Our first counter collection container was a glass jar with a rubber seal and a hinged lid. We decided to use this until we went out and bought a "real" counter composter. It worked out really well except for 2 things- first, we didn't particularly enjoy looking at the kitchen sludge in the clear glass jar next to the sink, and second, the hinged lid made it akward to empty when it was time. We never had a problem with bugs or stink. We finally got around to purchasing a "real" counter composter. This one, to be exact.

She sure is a beut, I will tell you that, and we were super excited about not having to deal with the annoying hinged lid, and felt great about not having to see the kitchen sludge inside. We started using it right away. The second day, we saw 2 fruit flies. No biggie. the 3rd day, there were 8 in view. By the 4th day, our kitchen was swarming. YUCK! Now, I know that fruit flies are actually harmless. They do not carry any diseases, and are, at the very worst, annoying. But you know what? Annoying is enough to send an overdue pregnant woman to the madhouse! I was especially upset when I googled these kitchen composters and fruit flies, and saw that every kitchen composter shouted from the rooftops "keeps fruit flies away!", "no more fruit fly problems!", and "fruit flies will be a thing of the past!" Funny, we didn't have a fruit fly problem until we started using this overpriced tin can....

Today we whipped out the big guns. We had to get this fruit fly problem under control. We went to Home Depot to get a nontoxic fly strip in order to try and wipe out the vast majority of the population. We also set out a spice jar full of vinegar. (Vinegar attracts fruit flies, and when they fly into the jar holes, they die in the vinegar. You can also put vinegar in a bowl covered with plastic wrap. Pole some holes in the wrap and they will get trapped.) I emptied and cleaned the composter too. BUT my favorite part of our fruit fly obliteration attempt, is our new "Cape Sundew" plants! They are carnivorous plants that do very well catching gnats and fruit flies! Aren't they purty??? They are very easy to care for, and are quite beautiful. They are not affective enough to wipe out a swarm of flies, but after we get rid of the majority, these 2 plants will do the trick to catch the few little critters that do get in.

I am currently looking into replacing our composter with something that has a silicone seal. I have been looking at a few options from IKEA that look good... this one, this one, and this one, to be exact. Does anyone else have any stories from the trenches???

Oh yeh, and by the way, I am still pregnant...


  1. Awesome, I want one! Any idea if it is poisonous to pets?! :)

  2. I had a dream last night that you and Mindi owned an ice cream shop (with very good ice cream, btw) and just had a second little boy named Ebban. LOL I don't have any idea where that came from, but there you are. *g* Hope that baby comes out soon! {{HUGS}}

  3. Fruit flies maybe disease free,but any insect that is and area that serves food makes you squeamish.I hate them and had heard about the vinger,but not about the plant.

    Where did you find the plant? HOme depot?

  4. We use a small metal trash bin with a cover without holes. We empty the bin probably once a week. It doesn't smell at all, except toward the end of the week when you open the can, but then I just put the trash in and close it right up, and it doesn't stink. A big plus is - NO fruit flies! They can't really multiply when there's a covered lid on the compost. The holes in the lid aren't necessary for good compost.

  5. first: totally cute still-pregnant photo...

    second: we had a fruit fly problem about a month ago with our under-sink scrap bin (it's a plastic thing with a little hinge that we got from the city when we got the big outdoor composter), and I think it might just have been that we'd left stuff in there too long...

    thoughts: a bit of vinegar in the bin? baking soda?

  6. hahah...I'm now stalking you blog.....

  7. I guess I'm not the only one stalking you now. Love the pic!

  8. We just keep a big bowl on the counter covered with press n seal. We add to it, re-cover, and take it out to the composter in the backyard about once or twice a week. The only time we get fruit flies inside is if someone (ahem, not me) forgets to seal the bowl after putting in fruit. Your nice metal composter is much prettier than our bowl, though. ;)


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