Saturday, November 14, 2009

Photo Fun

I love the serious look in this photo. What a stud.
And, for shits and giggles, here is a 38 week picture. Please don't pay any attention to my lack of makeup, my unbrushed hair, and, of course, my perpetually hard nipple...I am really starting to feel as though I want this baby out- like, yesterday... Of course, remind me that I said that when I am completely sleep deprived and dreaming of the nights when all I had to deal with were leg cramps, peeing, and night sweats...


  1. Okay lynn the Natinal Femme society of lesbians will cut you some slack on the "Never be seen in public with at least eye makeup and lip gloss" law THIS time. However, we must stress the importance of such rules for our own high standards in femininity:) lmbo

  2. wow, he looks like such a big boy, and you look wonderful. make up, shmake up.


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