Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paint Chips and Curtain Panels

There is something about paint chips floating around the house that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy! We have officially been in our new house for 3 and a half weeks, and I finally felt inspired to pick up some swatches. We are far from ready to actually paint, but I have felt so in limbo, with waiting for the little one to come, that I have felt completely disconnected from our new home. I am a die-hard decorator. If given the opportunity, I can (and will) sit for hours pouring over photos and websites, searching for inspiration. One of my favorite sites to visit for inspiring photos is There are some AMAZING homes pictured on that site!!
Yesterday, during a trip to Home Depot for a stair hand rail (installed on the main stairs at Harris' height- he LOVES it BTW...) I picked up a ridiculous amount of paint swatches. There is a lot of painting that we want to do in this house. Everything is painted a calming cream color, but I would like some more depth. Anyways, Mindi and I took some time after dinner sorting through the swatches. We managed to narrow down a few projects to a couple great possibilities. I always feel a great sense of accomplishment when a swatch stack goes from 30 to 4 or 5. Mmmmmmm....
Another project I am attempting to tackle are the curtains in the master bedroom. The previous owners had left us some drapery treatments that didn't really suit our tastes, to say the least. They are actually very nice treatments, but they aren't our style. Especially the valance. I have never really been a fan of the toile and gingham combo...

So... this evening, I removed the valance (to be modified and used in a different room) and fixed the track system that the drapes are hanging on. I swear, this house is lovely, but almost everything in it is "a little broken". Like, for example, in the kitchen, they had child safety latches on almost all the cabinet doors, which is great, but only a few of them actually worked. Most were not lined up to function correctly, or were broken, but never removed. The dishwasher is a stainless steel beauty, but has a bum wheel and a melted cap inside... The bathroom towel bars are all hanging on to the wall by a thread, and the sink is missing the drain stopper over the faucet. I could go on and on about the weird little things we keep finding, but I won't. So, back to the drapes!

I have 4 curtains that I need to hem, and they will replace the blue toile ones that are currently hanging. I couldn't be any more excited about these curtain panels than I already am. They were one of those awesome thrift store "Oh my God, I had better pay for these and get out of here QUICK before someone realizes that I am getting away with an AWESOME deal"! These curtains are originally from IKEA, and they were on the pricier side (for IKEA) brand new at $50 for a set of 2 panels. I walked out of the thrift store with 6 panels, in brand new condition for $30 total! Yes, that is $5 per panel! Holy Crap! Of course, at the time, I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but I knew that they would find their place someday! I just have to hem and pleat them, and then they will make our way to our new bedroom!!


  1. Yay for decorating decisions! We just went out and got a bunch of paint chips and picked out our new flooring today. I can't imagine doing all this as pregnant as you are, amazing. I'm excited about your curtains and can't wait to see everything in progress!

  2. your ability to parent, pregnant, and domesticate is stunning... plus, I love reading about it. popping in to say that as of last night, I am now a houzz fan!


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