Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leaky Lady

Just to keep things interesting, we had a bit of drama this morning! Actually, I guess I should start with last night...

So Mindi and I pick up the Evening Primrose Oil. We are told to take 4 capsules per day- 2 orally and 2 vaginally- fun! So, being the good, obedient girls that we are, 2 went down the hatch, and right before bed, Mindi helped me get 2 up the snatch. (Sorry, I couldn't resist the rhyme). Now, these pills are gel caps, so they melt pretty quickly. A note to anyone who plans on sticking oil-filled capsules up their punani- put your butt on a towel wrapped pillow. We initially neglected to think about either of those, resulting in me doing a crazy yoga pose while yelling to Mindi to "get a towel! Get A Towel! For GODS SAKE GET A TOWEL!!!" ...yeh...

After that excitement (and giggling) was over, we went to bed. All night long, I tossed and turned. Well, actually, a more accurate description of my movements would be "turned like a rotisserie chicken". I honestly turned counter clockwise all night long. Every time I would wake up and move, I would have a contraction- or, I would wake up because I had a contraction, and then had to roll. I don't know which. So, this morning, when I woke up at 7:30am, I was very very "wet". I figured that it was residual oil, but after closer inspection, I realized it was not. I knew that I hadn't peed on myself, so the only other logical thing (to me) was that I was leaking amniotic fluid. I wasn't having any contractions after waking, but I figured I would call the midwife to get her opinion of whether or not I should come in and have the fluid tested using a nitrazine paper.

She said that she was happy to test it if I was really worried, but honestly, I didn't feel like driving there, and she didn't seem too concerned. We both decided that I would wait to see if I started having any contractions, and we hung up. I went about my day, stopping at a good friend's house for a Harris play date, then continuing on to The Little Gym (which I LOVE, BTW) for his little class. I went to the bathroom a few times, feeling extra juicey, and decided to call and stop by the midwife's office on the way home for a quick date with the nitrazine.

Drum roll please!


Nothing. Just juice. Damn it.

The midwife said to me "Well, it seems that you are just ripe and juicey". The funny part about the terminology, is that the juicey comment is just how it sounds, and the ripe comment is actually real midwife speak for a soft cervix. Of course, the 2 put together makes me sound like an organic pear. I guess it could be worse...


  1. So excited you're getting close!

    I grew up in Seattle and went to the Little Gym of West Seattle for years! I love that you brought that memory back to me!


  2. During my first pregnancy I had the same issues toward the end. One night, I was so convinced my water broke, we ended up in the emergency room. But I was just "juicy," too.


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