Thursday, November 19, 2009

Later Plug

Ok, I probably shouldn't even bother blogging about this, but I can't help myself. I lost my mucus plug! I know, it sounds all gross and dramatic, but it really isn't- for 2 reasons- 1, It was a fairly anti-climatic experience, including a wad of toilet paper and a glob of goo (I am just going to leave it at that) and 2- it really doesn't mean jack when it comes to when labor will start. Women can lose their mucus plug weeks before labor begins. So, we are back where we started, but at least it made me smile :).

On another topic, I have been trying to satisfy my need to plan and decorate, despite my pregnant size. Currently, Harris sleeps on a full sized mattress on the floor. He has never slept in a crib, and we left the mattress on the floor for the obvious reason of keeping him safe from a tumble off of a high bed. Now that he is almost 2, and has mastered (thus far) staying on his mattress while sleeping, we wanted to get him a platform bed frame. My problem, however, lies in the combination of price, quality, and style. It seems as though I really like the style of the platforms beds at IKEA, but I am not keen at all on the material they use to construct their furniture. When looking around at other furniture stores, I run across the same problem of lousy construction and finishes, or exorbitant prices for VERY SIMPLE pieces. In the end, I realized that if I wanted it done right, I would have to do it myself...

I am very excited about the plans that I have drawn up. I will use these same plans for a bed for baby #2 (when the time comes) and I will also probably modify the measurements and make a bed frame for our Queen size Mama bed. I know that I will most likely not be able to start the construction of this bed for a little bit, but it feels good to know that I have made headway on the plans. I am at the point where I can take my yellow pad to the lumber store and leave with everything I need. I could have it all in my garage by tomorrow if I wanted.... Man is it tempting...

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  1. I did not know what a mucus plug was so I googled it and there were pictures and...I don't know is there a card to send to congratulate someone on this?


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