Monday, November 16, 2009

In Limbo

We are currently counting down at (approximately) 12 days. I would be very surprised if I go past my due date with this one, but alas, no one knows for certain! I am at a point where I feel back "in limbo" about the house. I am DYING to decorate, but I can't ignore the huge belly, lack of focus, aka mommy brain, and the inability to paint because of the nasty chemicals. I am stuck in one of those "I can't do X until I do Y, but I can't do Y until the baby comes, and I know that once the baby comes, I will be in a such a sleep deprived delirium that I won't even be able to say my alphabet at all."

It sort of feels the way that it did when we had our old house on the market, and I couldn't make any "improvements" or decorate because of that fact.

Sigh. I guess I should just be happy that we will be welcoming the next member into our family! I am feeling bored and antsy. I have reached the pivotal "I am sick and tired of being pregnant" point. I just want the BABY OUT!!! Dare I go back to my old ways???

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  1. Hahaha... believe me, pregnancy brain is alive and well on my end, too :) (As is the "I need a project but I can't do it yet but I won't feel up to it later" dilemma!) I left a note on the g insert entry, but I just got your last comment-- thanks again, and I'll be sure to remember the tip about washing the CB's on cold!


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