Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dirty Hands Make for a Happy Girl

I really wanted to take a picture of my hands for you, but in my haste to get into the shower in anticipation of possibly another membrane sweep tomorrow at the midwife's office, I forgot! Mindi and I worked together tonight to re-grout our kitchen counter tops. The counter tops are nice- granite tile- but the grout job was in pretty poor shape. Originally, Mindi was going to do it all herself, but once I caught the grouting bug (after giving her some pointers), there was no stopping me! It turned out for the best, I think. Since it was my morning to sleep in (and you know I had to take full advantage of it with a new baby coming and all) Mindi scraped out the old grout this morning. After Harris' nap, I got to work taping off the walls and sink. Mindi expertly mixed up the grout (yay, the previous owners left it for us!!! Only $9 for the grout float!), and did the tops of the counter, while I went around and did the bitty edges. I was so thrilled to be working on a home improvement project, but even more thrilled doing a home improvement project with my WIFE! AND Harris was a gem the whole time!! He was so well behaved, and somehow managed to entertain himself the whole time. It was as if the stars aligned for us today!

Mindi and I also managed to hammer out our "Home Improvement Checklist". First things up for December and January are:

new entry door
installation of garage door openers
Main bath remodel (done mostly by us/me/us)
Harris' room remodel

The first 2 things on the list are hire-outs. I do not trust my own skills enough to install an exterior entry door, and I have never installed a garage door opener, and I don't care to learn!

Thanks, everyone for commenting on my 'Deserted' post- there is nothing like a little guilt trip to get people talking lol. *wink*


  1. Can't wait for the news :) Still checking back OFTEN!!!

    PS. Yay for Harris being such a good boy!!!!

  2. Kudos! Very excited for news this week and thinking of you often. xo

  3. We should compare (and collaborate?) on home improvement projects!


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