Tuesday, November 24, 2009

4 Days Away

Or 1, or 7, or 14... God, I hope it is not 14...

Thanks again for all the lurkers popping up with their lovely comments on my deserted post! I appreciate it!!

Tomorrow I am taking my wife hostage and forcing her to come with Harris and I to our Little Gym class. Well, I am hardly forcing her... We are going to take advantage of the fact that we will be directly across the street from IKEA, and we will pop in there to (hopefully) pick up 2 little RAST dressers to use in the kids' closet renovation!

I actually feel as if "4 days away" has kind of snuck up on me, despite my bitching about being uncomfortable... Luckily, I have managed to keep my mind off the birth with thoughts and plans for our new house.

Most of my readers already know that we had a Fantastic Home Birth with our son, Harris. For those of you that have recently joined up, we are also planning a home birth with this little one. We are using the same main midwife and the same fantastic doula. Our house will be a bit fuller, however, this time, with the addition of 1 student midwife, 1 "seasoned" new midwife (returning to the calling) and 1 close friend to help with Harris control. I am very excited to have so many fantastic people surrounding us! Neither my mother, nor Mindi's mother were too thrilled to hear about the repeat "dangerous birth choice". I basically told them both, very nicely "I hear your opinion, thanks for sharing, don't share again". Much to my pleasant surprise, neither of them has shared again! I am grateful for that, I tell you. Nothing sucked as much as fighting with my MIL tooth and nail over my stance during my pregnancy with Harris. From 17 weeks until the veeeeeeery end, she tried to convince me that I was being irresponsible. That rawked. This time, I have not had to argue a single point about it.

Well, this was a fairly disjointed post, and I am not sure how it should end, so I will leave it at this:

we are 4 days away from our due date. I am still pregnant. Everyone is on high alert. I have every intention to blog as soon as something happens!!


  1. My sister is a pediatrician, and even when Nutella was nearing the birth (36-37 weeks), she STILL wanted us to switch to a hospital from the midwife center (ATTACHED to a hospital) we were planning on delivering. People need to mind their own damn business. Glad you didn't have to deal with it the second time around. Good luck!

  2. I'm going to look at it from a positive perspective. At least you have a support system that cares enough to voice concern. As someone who has none,family or otherwise I could deal with the pushiness.

    I can't wait to hear how smoothly this one goes as well:)

  3. have fun at ikea. we went the other night to get nursery stuff, and i couldn't resist the cinnamon rolls a the end:)
    i also have a question for you. what do you do for lunch everyday? this is one thing that is really frustrating me with being home all the time now. i don't know what to do! :) thanks for any suggestions.

  4. Good for you for telling them!! I know all too well about listening to that for weeks on end. People have NO problem telling you their feelings about homebirthers. I think it's awesome that you're having a home birth again! I can't imagine birthing any other way!!

    Sending labor vibes and wishes for an amazing, beautiful birth.

    Ps. Have fun at IKEA too! We just bought a kitchen table, chairs and dish set there last weekend!

  5. Ikea sounds great for a way to spend the day after "my gym" and that dresser seems really practical. Got me thinking too.

    Ok, so i just read your birth story, and wow. how amazing!!

    I can;t wait to read about this one too. Best of luck to both of you.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  6. Hi again katwomyn4! I have been watching you too little missy! As far as what I do for lunch... I take it maybe you eat out for lunch a lot, or have to grab quick on the go sort of stuff while you are working! To be perfectly honest, lunch is my least favorite meal of the day because I always find it extremely uninspiring. Typically, being that I also have to please a 2 year old, we keep it simple. Grilled cheese sandwiches are a big go-to meal for us, coupled with lots of fruit or a smoothie, maybe some Pirate's booty or popcorn. Cottage cheese and yogurt are big winners too. Leftovers go over well, as well as homemade frozen burritos and the like. Speaking of frozen, might I suggest that you make some easy to reheat meals to freeze for when the little one arrives!!!


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