Monday, October 26, 2009

The dudes are HAWT

Ok, you know how it goes when you first move. You have to set up a plethora of utilities- cable, phone, satellite maybe- in our case, we have seen a cable guy, a Direct TV guy, a Verizon FiOS guy, and this morning, a Lowes garage door installer guy. Now, I am not sure if there is something in the water, or if we are just lucky, but man oh man alive, every one of these guys was SMOKIN'! Obviously, Mindi and I are both lesbians, but wowee! We know a good lookin' man when we see one! I didn't get to see the cable guy, but she said he was a hot one, the FiOS guy was so stunning (with his bright orange hard hat on) that I was unable to hear him (during our delictible 5 second interaction) tell me why he was drilling into the side of my garage. In fact, I was so blown away by his good looks and killer smile, that I had to read the side of his truck as he drove away to figure out that he was the FiOS guy, just adding a wire... This morning's garage door installer had me sweating even BEFORE he started telling me about how much he loved his little 2.5 year old daughter- now THAT's a real man!!!

Speaking of the garage door opener install, it was unsuccessful! Apparently, there is a big support beam right where the track needs to be! BAH! Support beams! WHO NEEDS EM?! Well, I guess that would be Harris' bedroom floor... Soooooo now we have to return the openers that we bought and find another solution. So far, it looks like I have found our other solution in the Liftmaster 3800, but it is 1/3 more expensive... I guess I will just back up to the higher price- I really want my garage door openers!!!

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