Thursday, October 1, 2009


I feel as big as a house right now. I swear that I am as large right now as I was when I was 40 weeks pregnant with Harris. Mindi promises me that I am not as big, which, on one hand is fantastic, yet, on another hand, it totally sucks because I am m.i.s.e.r.a.b.l.e. I cannot sleep, I constantly have to pee, you know, the usual. It is not all gloom and doom, however, after all, we are going to welcome a new member to our family!!!

I have never been shy about the fact that I really do not enjoy being pregnant. Honestly, I am excited to give birth again (sans drugs), and I am itching to do just that! I understand, however, how it is that some women love being pregnant, after all, I do get a little giddy when I feel the Sprinkle dancin' a jig inside my tummy.

In other news, the housing shenanigans are picking up! We put in an offer on a house and it was accepted! The inspection on our house (by our buyers) is tomorrow morning, and the inspection on our potential future house is tomorrow night! It will be a busy day!!

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  1. I was miserable from 6 weeks until I delivered at 36. If it weren't for the fact that I have two healthy boys and "momnesia" seems to be a real thing- I'd never be contemplate having another baby. Ever.


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