Monday, October 19, 2009

The Big Move

Well, the Big Move went off without a hitch- no labor, no water breaking- it was a success! Last night was interesting... sleeping in a strange place, yet in your own bed- you guys know what I mean. It kind of had a twilight zone feel to it...

I thought that I downsized a lot when I went to pack everything away in the storage unit when we put our house on the market. Then, we went back to the storage unit to move the stuff and I nearly fell over from the sheer amount of C-R-A-P that I had actually put in boxes. I am telling you, everything coming out of a box on this end with be thoroughly scrutinized in terms of it's usefulness. I have a thrift pile started already. We are wading through all of the kitchen boxes to try to organize it the best we can. I see many-a-change in the future regarding placement, but everyone knows that the kitchen has to be in working order before any other room in the house or all hell will break loose!


  1. yay! so happy for you guys. have fun organizing!!!

    belly is adorable by the is the little man (he is getting SO big!!)!!!

  2. congratulations! and *yes* about the kitchen -- it was the first thing I did when we moved in May... -- Emily


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