Monday, October 5, 2009

Ball Jingling Pitt Bulls

I have found myself quite dumbfounded about my feelings regarding this whole home purchase/sale/move thing. I am so incredibly relieved to have an unmade bed as I sit in front of my computer typing this. There are crumbs on my dining room floor, dirty dishes in my sink, and my desk is a disaster. It feels so good to be messy. Ok, well, maybe it doesn't feel "good" to be messy, but just the fact that I know I do not have to show my house to anyone is a wonderful feeling. Man, what a relief. And, hey- we are moving to a new house! With a great little yard and a play area for the kids, and a place to have a vegetable garden and chickens someday! A house that has 3 bedrooms within spitting distance of each other, a great kitchen, family room, playroom, office/guest room, and a BIG sewing room! What more could I want! I should be bursting at the seams with joy!

Do you sense the "BUT" coming here?

Right- well, here it is- But, I can't help but be incredibly sad about moving. Do I love my neighborhood? No. Is my current house perfect? Nope. Is the school district good? Hell no. BUT it is my home. I love my neighbors. My house is a cute little place. I am used to being here- used to the quite nights, peppered with loud bass pumping rap music, and the occasional gunshot or barking dog(ssssssss). It is now what I know. But why am I having such a hard time with this move? I have moved 7 times in my life, and all of them were awesome experiences in every way. Even the move from Chicago to Seattle, which included me leaving my family, was a great experience that I looked forward to.

So why is this one so different? Mindi spelled it out for me last night while we were watching CSI. It is because we are moving for our kids, not for ourselves. AH HA! Bravo Mindi, you hit the nail on the head!!!! I never really thought of it before, but she is spot on. If we did not have any children, this house in this neighborhood would still be perfect- with the current bedroom layout and the great neighbors. Heck, we probably wouldn't even notice the barking dogs because we wouldn't be worried that they would wake up the baby. But alas, we must do what must be done for the sake of our kids. They need to live in a safer place, without stray, ball jingling pit bulls, gunshots, and crappy schools. We need to provide them with a better education and a safe place to call home. Hopefully, we have found that home for them.

We are both excited to move- moving is the epitome of a clean slate to us. For me, it opens up so many new doors in terms of being able to feather a nest and express myself. It is not all gloom and doom, and luckily, since Mindi brought that concept to my mind, I have been able to embrace this change with a bit more ease.

What about you guys? have you ever had a similar experience?


  1. yep! that is exactly why we bought a house when i was pregnant...

  2. Just think about the schools, you know you would have more stress than could possibly be managed if you had to send Harris to that school district!! Your family deserves better than that area :) Its just too bad your cute little house had to be surrounded by it!

  3. We just moved - and yeah I felt the same... only you articulated it a lot better than me. The old place was fine for us - we would have lived there forever if it was just us. But it isn't just us now.


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