Friday, October 23, 2009

35 weeks

We are slowly but surely making our new house our home. The upstairs is completely unboxed and livable with the exception of our "good dinnerware" (I am working hard on trying to figure out a logical storage solution for this) and some of the newborn and baby items, that I have yet to sort through before the baby comes. Our rooms are completely lacking anything decorative, which I am fine with- for now... Believe me, I am itching to decorate, but come on, I have to get out of boxes first! We are not wasting any time on some updates to the house though- the first thing we did was buy a new faucet for the kitchen. The one that is there is usable but broken. We purchased a new one and just need to install it. I will try to remember to take a before and after shot! The next thing on our list was garage door openers. The garage currently doesn't have openers (amazing for this day and age!) and so we decided to bust a move and get some installed now because of the coinciding arrival of a newborn and Seattle's rainy season! The last thing that I need is a cold, wet, screaming baby, a cold, wet, screaming toddler, and wet and soggy groceries, leading to a cold, wet, screaming mother... Also in the cards for us is a little modification to the railing along the living room/stair opening. The slats are at least 8 inches apart from each other! That is enough for Harris to put his entire body through!!! We figured we should get on top of that project too...


Me at 35 weeks- yes I feel just as huge as I look...


  1. yeah for 35 weeks! you look great:) as for decorating, it's always so hard for me to wait to decorate. i don't feel settled until i'm surrounded by art and photos. have fun!

  2. Yeah, I watched Harris make his first attempt at sliding through those slots...scary!! He thought it was fun though :)


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