Wednesday, October 14, 2009

33 weeks and 4 days

So, here I am, fresh out of the shower, wearing my sassy cheetah print jammie pants, at 33 weeks and 4 days! The baby is definitely getting cramped in there- s/he has definitely been moving with less force because of the lack of space in there! I swear that I was at least this big at 40 weeks with Harris, but Mindi seems to think otherwise... My old stretch marks are starting to turn red- just what I had always wished for!!
On the house front, things are moving right along! All of our closets are empty and in boxes, and we are officially living out of a duffel bag. We are eating out our fridge and pantry so that there is less to move. I like having to get creative!! I am getting excited to go on Saturday and clean the place- I know it will be pretty icky, as the sellers seem to be dirty people. Also, I promise to let the other people helping us move do the work. I won't lift the boxes or move the furniture, scouts honor! The last thing I need is for my water to break on my newly mopped hardwood floor!


  1. Sheesh lady, time sure is flying isn't it! Enjoy settling into your new home!

  2. *you* look fab, and I can't wait to see your fab new house!

  3. You look wonderful! Congratulations on what will surely be a smooth and stress free move. xo

  4. You look great! Almost there.. I'm catching up after a week away from my feeds... I can't believe how close you must be


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