Thursday, October 29, 2009

This made me Laugh- you probably will too...

I stumbled across this post, and for all of you parents, or people who are or desire to be around children, I am sure this will give you some Jollies...

Thank you Leslie, of "My Mommy's Place"

Monday, October 26, 2009

The dudes are HAWT

Ok, you know how it goes when you first move. You have to set up a plethora of utilities- cable, phone, satellite maybe- in our case, we have seen a cable guy, a Direct TV guy, a Verizon FiOS guy, and this morning, a Lowes garage door installer guy. Now, I am not sure if there is something in the water, or if we are just lucky, but man oh man alive, every one of these guys was SMOKIN'! Obviously, Mindi and I are both lesbians, but wowee! We know a good lookin' man when we see one! I didn't get to see the cable guy, but she said he was a hot one, the FiOS guy was so stunning (with his bright orange hard hat on) that I was unable to hear him (during our delictible 5 second interaction) tell me why he was drilling into the side of my garage. In fact, I was so blown away by his good looks and killer smile, that I had to read the side of his truck as he drove away to figure out that he was the FiOS guy, just adding a wire... This morning's garage door installer had me sweating even BEFORE he started telling me about how much he loved his little 2.5 year old daughter- now THAT's a real man!!!

Speaking of the garage door opener install, it was unsuccessful! Apparently, there is a big support beam right where the track needs to be! BAH! Support beams! WHO NEEDS EM?! Well, I guess that would be Harris' bedroom floor... Soooooo now we have to return the openers that we bought and find another solution. So far, it looks like I have found our other solution in the Liftmaster 3800, but it is 1/3 more expensive... I guess I will just back up to the higher price- I really want my garage door openers!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

35 weeks

We are slowly but surely making our new house our home. The upstairs is completely unboxed and livable with the exception of our "good dinnerware" (I am working hard on trying to figure out a logical storage solution for this) and some of the newborn and baby items, that I have yet to sort through before the baby comes. Our rooms are completely lacking anything decorative, which I am fine with- for now... Believe me, I am itching to decorate, but come on, I have to get out of boxes first! We are not wasting any time on some updates to the house though- the first thing we did was buy a new faucet for the kitchen. The one that is there is usable but broken. We purchased a new one and just need to install it. I will try to remember to take a before and after shot! The next thing on our list was garage door openers. The garage currently doesn't have openers (amazing for this day and age!) and so we decided to bust a move and get some installed now because of the coinciding arrival of a newborn and Seattle's rainy season! The last thing that I need is a cold, wet, screaming baby, a cold, wet, screaming toddler, and wet and soggy groceries, leading to a cold, wet, screaming mother... Also in the cards for us is a little modification to the railing along the living room/stair opening. The slats are at least 8 inches apart from each other! That is enough for Harris to put his entire body through!!! We figured we should get on top of that project too...


Me at 35 weeks- yes I feel just as huge as I look...

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Big Move

Well, the Big Move went off without a hitch- no labor, no water breaking- it was a success! Last night was interesting... sleeping in a strange place, yet in your own bed- you guys know what I mean. It kind of had a twilight zone feel to it...

I thought that I downsized a lot when I went to pack everything away in the storage unit when we put our house on the market. Then, we went back to the storage unit to move the stuff and I nearly fell over from the sheer amount of C-R-A-P that I had actually put in boxes. I am telling you, everything coming out of a box on this end with be thoroughly scrutinized in terms of it's usefulness. I have a thrift pile started already. We are wading through all of the kitchen boxes to try to organize it the best we can. I see many-a-change in the future regarding placement, but everyone knows that the kitchen has to be in working order before any other room in the house or all hell will break loose!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Keys!

It is officially official! We are off to clean tomorrow!!

Here is a tad of cuteness from last night to add a little more joy to this post!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

33 weeks and 4 days

So, here I am, fresh out of the shower, wearing my sassy cheetah print jammie pants, at 33 weeks and 4 days! The baby is definitely getting cramped in there- s/he has definitely been moving with less force because of the lack of space in there! I swear that I was at least this big at 40 weeks with Harris, but Mindi seems to think otherwise... My old stretch marks are starting to turn red- just what I had always wished for!!
On the house front, things are moving right along! All of our closets are empty and in boxes, and we are officially living out of a duffel bag. We are eating out our fridge and pantry so that there is less to move. I like having to get creative!! I am getting excited to go on Saturday and clean the place- I know it will be pretty icky, as the sellers seem to be dirty people. Also, I promise to let the other people helping us move do the work. I won't lift the boxes or move the furniture, scouts honor! The last thing I need is for my water to break on my newly mopped hardwood floor!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pluggin' Along

We are kicking it into high gear now for the move. Our new house closes Wednesday, we take possession on Friday night, clean the house on Saturday, and move in on Sunday! Thank you to all of my "real life" friends that have graciously agreed to help us with the manual labor, namely my great friend, Dirty Diana, and her clan, as well as Crystal and her clan! I couldn't do it without you guys!!!

Do you know what a move means for my blog? It means potential! It means new blogging material! I would love to try and document as much as I can about projects and changes that we make to the house. I know how much I love watching people transform their places, and hopefully you guys will dig it too!

Ok, well, I have to get back to packing and address-changing!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Grandchild Incubator

Apparently, to my Mother In Law, that is all I am. I am not worthy of knowing the financial goings-on in my own partnership according to her. And she has the balls to go behind my back, call the lawyer that we use for our children's adoptions, and ask her (THE NERVE!) to write up papers excluding me from some of our finances. I am not going to go any further into this conversation, but let it be known that she is a witch.

grumble grumble

Rant over.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ball Jingling Pitt Bulls

I have found myself quite dumbfounded about my feelings regarding this whole home purchase/sale/move thing. I am so incredibly relieved to have an unmade bed as I sit in front of my computer typing this. There are crumbs on my dining room floor, dirty dishes in my sink, and my desk is a disaster. It feels so good to be messy. Ok, well, maybe it doesn't feel "good" to be messy, but just the fact that I know I do not have to show my house to anyone is a wonderful feeling. Man, what a relief. And, hey- we are moving to a new house! With a great little yard and a play area for the kids, and a place to have a vegetable garden and chickens someday! A house that has 3 bedrooms within spitting distance of each other, a great kitchen, family room, playroom, office/guest room, and a BIG sewing room! What more could I want! I should be bursting at the seams with joy!

Do you sense the "BUT" coming here?

Right- well, here it is- But, I can't help but be incredibly sad about moving. Do I love my neighborhood? No. Is my current house perfect? Nope. Is the school district good? Hell no. BUT it is my home. I love my neighbors. My house is a cute little place. I am used to being here- used to the quite nights, peppered with loud bass pumping rap music, and the occasional gunshot or barking dog(ssssssss). It is now what I know. But why am I having such a hard time with this move? I have moved 7 times in my life, and all of them were awesome experiences in every way. Even the move from Chicago to Seattle, which included me leaving my family, was a great experience that I looked forward to.

So why is this one so different? Mindi spelled it out for me last night while we were watching CSI. It is because we are moving for our kids, not for ourselves. AH HA! Bravo Mindi, you hit the nail on the head!!!! I never really thought of it before, but she is spot on. If we did not have any children, this house in this neighborhood would still be perfect- with the current bedroom layout and the great neighbors. Heck, we probably wouldn't even notice the barking dogs because we wouldn't be worried that they would wake up the baby. But alas, we must do what must be done for the sake of our kids. They need to live in a safer place, without stray, ball jingling pit bulls, gunshots, and crappy schools. We need to provide them with a better education and a safe place to call home. Hopefully, we have found that home for them.

We are both excited to move- moving is the epitome of a clean slate to us. For me, it opens up so many new doors in terms of being able to feather a nest and express myself. It is not all gloom and doom, and luckily, since Mindi brought that concept to my mind, I have been able to embrace this change with a bit more ease.

What about you guys? have you ever had a similar experience?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Le Belly

I realized that I was being mean and selfish and, well, lazy for not posting any belly shots. Because my camera woman is at the office, I decided to snap a quickie picture of my belly. Here I am at 32weeks :)

Also, I just found out that our house inspection was an A+! My Lord, what a relief! It is one thing to have your house "for show", even for 6 months, but to have 3+ people come into your house and scrutinize everything from your gutters to your furnace filters, is just crazy nerve racking! Luckily, that part for us is over, and now, we simply wait for our house to close!

Next up is our inspection on the house we are hoping to buy- Let's hope that there are good reviews there as well!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I feel as big as a house right now. I swear that I am as large right now as I was when I was 40 weeks pregnant with Harris. Mindi promises me that I am not as big, which, on one hand is fantastic, yet, on another hand, it totally sucks because I am m.i.s.e.r.a.b.l.e. I cannot sleep, I constantly have to pee, you know, the usual. It is not all gloom and doom, however, after all, we are going to welcome a new member to our family!!!

I have never been shy about the fact that I really do not enjoy being pregnant. Honestly, I am excited to give birth again (sans drugs), and I am itching to do just that! I understand, however, how it is that some women love being pregnant, after all, I do get a little giddy when I feel the Sprinkle dancin' a jig inside my tummy.

In other news, the housing shenanigans are picking up! We put in an offer on a house and it was accepted! The inspection on our house (by our buyers) is tomorrow morning, and the inspection on our potential future house is tomorrow night! It will be a busy day!!


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