Friday, September 11, 2009

Open Door Policy

Our little overachiever has finally mastered the doorknob! For a long time, I have wished that he knew how to open the door, so that, instead of crying and banging on his bedroom door in the morning, he would simply open his door and ours, and come for snuggles in the Mama bed. I also knew, however, that the ability to open a door via a doorknob was potentially a recipe for disaster. All of a sudden, all the things you shove in closets in order to childproof your home are miraculously within reach. This calls for a big overhaul! First up- the linen closet... not even the toilet paper is safe...


  1. ha! what a smart little man you have!!! you should get it on video!!

  2. To save your pregnant self the overhaul--what about the doorknob locks? Or has he mastered those too? Good luck!


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