Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goats, Bread, and Fun on the Farm

I have been a little MIA lately- luckily, it wasn't because I was sitting in the corner, crying about lead and BPA, it was simply because I have been busy with life!

A few weeks ago, we rented 4 goats to clear about 1/8th of an acre of blackberries in the back area of our lot. Because we are (...still... whaaaa!) trying to sell our house, we wanted to clear the back to show it's potential. I really didn't want to spend a buttload of money by hiring some dude with a rototiller (along with it's noise and gas fumes), and I couldn't do it by my pregnant self. after doing a little research, we opted for the goats! They are a very economical option, not to mention, incredibly efficient, friendly, loving, entertaining, and they also deposit great fertilizer!
This is a closeup of our favorite goat. Harris decided to call her "Nannie". She was quite a lover, and, as you can see, quite photogenic! Harris asked about her for weeks after she left.
Next up, Shabbat challah! When Mindi and I lived in Chicago, we used to buy a premade, preformed, and delicious frozen challah dough that simply required a bit of defrosting, rising, and a hot oven. We didn't buy one for every Shabbat, but it was always a nice treat when we did. Now that we have a family, we think that it is super important to honor Shabbat every Friday. Harris loves it- everything about it! He loves the blessings and the songs, as well as the wine- yes, Harris gets a small sip of wine every Friday night- and loves it. Anyways... I felt that it was about time that I proved myself, to myself, as a good Jewish mother, and make our Shabbat Challahs from scratch. I found a great recipe, took my time, and made 4 challahs. 3 of the challahs I froze before the second rise. I am pretty proud of myself actually. I am not much of a baker, and Mindi, Harris, and I all thought that the challah turned out great!
Over the Labor day weekend, we decided to take a little trip to Orcas Island. We stayed on a great little farm for 2 nights. We all enjoyed the chickens, alpacas, llama, goats, sheep, and horses, not to mention the apple, peach, and pear trees! Harris enjoyed the ferry rides (Big Boat! he would exclaim) when he wasn't sleeping or screaming and running in circles...


  1. Hey, do I recognize the fleece that Harris is wearing? Shoes too? Send me a photo of the whole outfit.....

  2. I love Nannie!! What an awkwardly cute goat! :)

  3. who knew you could rent goats? love that! and the challah -- yum. if I didn't live 10 minutes from what I consider the best challah ever, I'd perhaps make it too. and the boat -- wasn't Harris the little guy who wanted nothing to do with boatness just a while ago? sweet! - Emily

  4. Nannie is awesome looking-- what a fun thing to do!


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