Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hot Days In The Summer

I love hot summer days. I grew up in Chicago, where, when it was hot, it was HOTT. I loved midwest summers. The fondness I have for the memories of those sweltering hot days is immeasurable. Seattle summers are decidedly milder. It is pretty rare that the desire for a tall glass of ice cold lemonade enters my mind. The thought of going to the beach makes me shiver, and the realization that lightning bugs don't exist here makes me sad. A day like today, however, was just what I needed to get my spirits up! 81 beautiful degrees, and I was itching for a little kiddie pool action and some ice cream cones with the little bit. Harris and I sat with our friend Crystal on our front porch- our thighs burning from the dark brown painted concrete. We all huddled into the tiny bit of shade calling from the welcome mat. There, we indulged in Cookies 'n Cream ice cream, smooshed into sugar cones. MMMMM

Following a little ice cream love, Harris cleaned up in the kiddie pool, all the while, enjoying our newest pool addition- His sponge balls.

(photo by

They were a big hit in the kiddie pool, and surely followed him to bath time later this evening! The sponge balls are super easy to make and way better than water balloons any day of the week!


  1. very cool sponge balls!

    love that ice cream shot of harris!

  2. Hows about an update about the bun in the oven? do you know what youre having?

  3. I agree...what about belly pics?


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