Monday, July 20, 2009


The Camping Trip:

Fun, Exciting, Stressful, Cheerful, Challenging, Moist, Cold, Hot, Clean, Filthy, Serene

Traveled with: Mindi, Mindi's Sister, Myself, Little Harris
day 1: Piled into the car, and towed the trailer a mild 2 hours to Seaquest State Park, WA. The weather at home was 75ish- the weather in Castle Rock, WA was about 55. The site was nice, large, and very shaded. We cooked Veggie Burgers over the fire after setting up the screen tent. Harris was a huge help. S'mores soon followed (a bit early for the adults, but we wanted Harris to have the experience). Harris didn't like them... Off to bed for little Harris, followed by an evening around the fire for the adults. It was dandy until we realized that Mindi forgot to pack a sweatshirt...

day 2: Delicious eggs for breakfast, made by Mindi. I swear, her eggs ROCK (as does her salmon) even though she doesn't eat them herself... She never even tasted them- this girl is good! I did a little load of laundry in our Sputnik washing machine and hung it up to dry. We also discovered that not only did Mindi forget a sweatshirt, Lynn forgot her tennis shoes AND the baby carrier! Man oh man... We all hopped in the car and headed to Centralia, WA to visit the "Antique Row". We stumbled into a thrift store and found a ring sling! Hallelujah! I wasn't really looking, but it jumped out at me! $3! wahoo!

day 3: We had a mishmash breakfast of toast, cheese, etc. and set out for our next destination- but not before the silly Lynn moved the car too much in an attempt to get the trailer tongue latched onto the tow ball, and ended up with the entire tongue of the trailer on the ground... Thank goodness that there were 2 very burly men at the next site over that helped us out with that one... We had lunch on the road, and when we stopped, I realized that I had also forgotten to secure the closet door in the trailer, resulting in the entire closet innards on the floor of the trailer... We arrived at our 2nd destination- a privately owned campground called Wrights for Camping in Cannon beach, OR. The website is wretched, but the campground was fantastic- very clean, well kept, and cozy with free showers and pay laundry. Typically, I do not covet the washer/dryer on camping trips, but we needed it since none of our clothes from day 2 were even remotely dry, and now we had wet, stinky towels to take care of... we set up camp and had spaghetti for dinner. We also managed to find a couple sweatshirts for Mindi at a second hand shop. thank God- it was freezing by the beach...

day 4: More laundry, more delicious eggs, some showers, and a trip into downtown Cannon Beach. At first glance, it was a place I would love to live, at second and third glance, it was a place out of a creepy horror movie, where everything is super quaint and perfect until the tourists start mysteriously disappearing...

day 5: Another Mishmash breakfast and more laundry. Every morning up until this point we had been waking up to a lot of condensation on the inside of the trailer. I wanted to have the windows open so that we could dry things out, but it was quite chilly outside and I didn't want the camper to lose heat. Luckily, we washed all the sheets at Wright's. We hitched up the trailer and started driving to stop number 3. 15 minutes into the drive, I asked Mindi, "So, you put the sheets back in the camper right?"...

30minutes later, we were really on our way to stop number 3...

After what seemed like an obscenely long drive, we ended up at our 3rd camp at Lake Sylvia State park in Montesano, WA. This campsite, was, by far, the BEST of the 3. It was 50% surrounded by clear lake water that we could access easily from our campsite.

day 6: Pancakes for breakfast this day. We decided to stick around the campground and explore since it was so beautiful. Finally, the weather was in the upper 70's, low 80's and the clothesline was doing it's job. Harris and I sat on the edge of our campsite, with our feet in the water, looking at the salamanders and water gliders. Mid afternoon, we were visited by a friendly group of geese. After a nice nap, We all rented a paddle boat and took it out onto the lake. Harris was not having it AT ALL, and so Mindi and her sister dropped Harris and I off LITERALLY at our campsite, and then they paddled off to return the boat and meet us at the beach. We roasted veggie dogs over the fire for dinner.

day 7: We awoke to the friendly geese chillin' next to our expired campfire. It was cute for about 5 minutes. Knowing that we wanted to eat, and that they did too, we had to gently yet firmly let the geese know that we were paying for the campsite, not them...
Breaking down camp was bittersweet. I think that we were all ready to head home, but it felt a shame to leave the beautiful lake view. 2 hours later we were home and showering. It was a great trip!

The Sprinkle Baby:

Inquiring minds have been asking about the little Sprinkle. We are now 21 weeks as of Saturday. The Friday before we left for camping, we had our 20 week ultrasound. Everything is looking great with the baby. Sprinkle was kicking up a storm and being a little acrobat. We did not find out the sex with Harris, and I am going to plead the fifth with this baby. Surprises are a beautiful thing! I have not taken any belly shots of this pregnancy. For those of who that have had babies before, and held onto some of that extra weight might be able to sympathize with me here. I promise, I am getting bigger! Maybe I will post some good pics as I get further along. If you are dying for belly shots, you can always look back at my archives from the second half of my pregnancy with Harris- starting about July 2007...


  1. That sounds like a fabulous trip, and that final campsite looks amazing! What a treat to be right on the water.

    Glad to hear the little sprinkle is doing well!

  2. Sounds like a blast!!!! Loved the photos too.

    So glad that Sprinkle is doing well. Surprises are lovely indeed....can't wait to find out :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. What a lovely site right on the water.
    Glad to hear that Sprinkle is doing well. I hear you on the belly shots. I didn't take my first one until almost my 7th month.

  4. I enjoy the tales of other lesbian moms in the world! (we are from canada)
    keep up the writing!!!


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