Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scratch Patch

Mindi, Harris and I have all been taking great advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having around here lately. Yesterday, I took Harris to a free little splash park at the local community center and he LOVED it! Today, Mindi and I took Harris to a really neat place called a "Scratch Patch". Click on the link to get the full dish on this place, but basically, it is a store that sells tumbled gemstones. The neat part about it though, is that it is not just a retail store, it is a learning experience and a neat tactile experience too. When you go in, they give you a mineral/gemstone identification chart, and you are free to wade through 2 tons of beautiful stones, for as long as you want, exploring, touching, identifying and picking stones to purchase if you wish. You don't have to buy any stones, but if you choose to, they are sold by the bag. Harris loved it and I was completely entranced- I think that Mindi had the most fun watching Harris.

I would definitely love to go back again and again!


  1. What a neat idea! I've never heard of anything like that before. Looks like Harris enjoyed himself.

  2. That stone place looks awesome! Our guys is obsessed with "wocks" and would love to go there. Nice job!


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