Sunday, June 7, 2009

Life is Good

My mom likes to hold onto things- namely, well, everything. It was no surprise to me, knowing this about my mother, that she expressed her desire to ship some old clothes of my brother's and mine to us for Harris. The thought is very endearing, but when you pound out the numbers, most of these clothing items are at least 32 years old (my brother's age). Therefor, they are made of nasty material, and of course, they smell like moth balls... I graciously accepted her offer, however, knowing that she would chose some cute stuff as well as some doozies. I have to admit, I too can be quite sentimental. We received the box a few days ago. After opening the box, and sorting the ugly from the hideous, and the scratchy from the cute, I washed the outfits (twice) and then hung them in the sun for 2 days to dry and get the mothball smell out.
(*Side note, for those of you that ever need to rid a clothing item of the mothball smell, the combination of heat and ventilation is the key. The absolute best thing to do is to hang the item outside, in the sun on a nice HOT day, when there is a cool breeze. It really did the trick. It works far better than repeated washings...)

Most of the clothes that I chose to keep fit him nicely right now. This one is a little too small for him to wear again, but I had to take a picture of him because of his uncanny resemblance to the well known Power Rangers...

Go Go Power Rangers!

Today, we all went to the zoo to celebrate Mindi's 32nd birthday. We all had a great time being together. I got to try out our new Moby Wrap tie- the Rucksack Carry and Harris got to try his "own" (read shared with Mommy) ice cream cone! All caught on tape, of course...

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  1. that is officially the cutest power ranger i have EVER seen.


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