Monday, June 29, 2009

Feeling Crafty

Selling your house really sucks. Selling your house especially sucks when you are still living in it.

Having a one and a half year old, with all of his adorable messes, combined with the necessity to always have your house in showroom quality creates a daunting situation. Let's not forget the 10x10 foot storage unit that is currently housing every part of our life that is not a 100% daily necessity, and you have painted a picture of our life.

I like that my house is uncluttered. It certainly makes it easy to clean- a mere clean sweep to put items back in their places (because now everything left in our house actually has a place), followed by a quick dusting and vacuuming- maybe a mopping here and there, and viola- a pristine house. It sucks, however, that if I feel the desire to say, paint my toenails (which only happens maybe twice a year) that means I have to drive to the storage unit to pick up one bottle of pearl white polish. Or, heaven forbid I might actually want to sew something, then I have to go to the storage unit to get the fabric, bring it home and pray I didn't forget the interfacing, or the right size needle, lug out the sewing machine, find a flat surface to plug it in, finish the project in it's entirety or find the need to creatively pack up a half- sewn blanket, and find a tactful place to "hide" it until my next sewing opportunity. It is tricky.

Tricky tricky.

Today, however, the creative bug took hold and I had to give in. I couldn't take it anymore. I have not had 100% access to my sewing machine or crazy craft room since March and I was going a little nutso. So, I whipped out the sewing machine and got to work on some cloth pantyliners and a woven basket made lovingly from strips of the latest copy of Sunset Magazine!

I love these pantyliners! They are super comfy to wear and pretty darn cute too! They are made from some leftover fabric from my gDiaper cloth Insert project, along with an old t-shirt. You might be wondering why I would be making pantyliners since I am pregnant, and not getting a period- well, if you have ever been pregnant, you probably know the answer to that, and if you haven't, well, too bad.

Next up is my woven magazine basket. I made this little basket to catch all the "AA" batteries that have mysteriously multiplied in my kitchen cabinet. I was tired of them rolling around and falling out, so I decided to corral them. I made this basket pretty quickly during Harris' nap, so I didn't do the best job, but it does the trick and I think that it is pretty cute. I think that I might try making a bigger, sturdier one out of newspaper in the future.

Oh, and here is a gratuitous picture of my cutie pie :)


  1. Lynn, you are one productive crafty pregnant parenting home-selling BABE!!! wow. -Emily

  2. You are so crafty - I love those cloth pads... I love cloth pads in general and those are super cute!


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