Friday, May 29, 2009

Busy Bee

Mindi and I have been pretty busy still trying to sell this house. Mindi has been working like a mad woman lately, and Harris is growing by leaps and bounds every day and his little vocabulary gets bigger by the day.

He currently signs/points these words:

He currently speaks these words:
"I love you"
"thank you"
"bye bye"
"putt putt" (yes, THAT kind)
"uh oh"
"click" (as in- 'Harris, lets turn out the light!- "CLICK!")
"doo doo"

I am sure that there are more that I am not recalling at this moment. We are currently waiting for 3 babies to wake up. Yes, 3. Our own, plus 2 16 month old twins that we are watching. Our good friend was in a bad car accident about 2 weeks ago. She was hit by a 26 year old guy that swerved across 4 lanes, hit her car on the driver's side door, and proceeded to T-Bone into a light pole, killing him. Our friend came away from the accident with a double fracture in her neck, a badly broken left leg that just underwent it's second surgery yesterday, and a badly sprained right ankle. Unfortunately, she also had her twin boys with her in the car. One came away from the accident virtually unscathed, while the other has a broken femur and is in a double- legged, and lower body cast. I feel so bad for him because he wants to get up so bad, but obviously can't. We have been visiting our friend in the hospital since we found out about the accident. The worst part about the whole situation is that she is the kind of person that no one could ever wish harm upon. She totally does not deserve this. Also, she is a single mom, works hard with jobs around taking care of her twins, has no car or health insurance, and lives on food stamps. I was happy to watch the boys today. This is going to be such a long, hard journey, but we will be there for her as much as we can!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Mindi and I have a Hi-Bebe fetal heartbeat monitor. We purchased it back when we were pregnant with Harris. There are many options for dopplers out there, but we purchased this one because it seemed to be the most reasonably priced. I don't really remember when we bought it, but we started using it about 17 weeks(????) If I am not mistaken, you can typically hear your baby's heartbeat around 12 weeks or so. I decided to pull it out last week (at 9 weeks) just for shits and giggles. Much to our non-surprise, we couldn't get a heartbeat, but when I pulled it out this evening, sure enough, there was the sprinkle's heartbeat, beat beat beating away at a quick 170 beats per minute! I managed to find the baby a lot higher than I thought it would be. I was under the impression that the baby was still nestled in the confines of my pelvis, but in reality, s/he is sitting right above my pubes! I was really surprised! I guess it really is true that you get bigger faster with the second kid!

For the lassies out there that have 2 or more, can you tell me some differences that you noticed between your first, and subsequent pregnancies???


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