Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick Update

Mindi, Harris, and I all went downtown yesterday to get the ultrasound done. Much to our pleasant relief, the little sprinkle is alive and kickin' with a strong little heartbeat. They did see, however, an "pocket of blood" if you will. The Dr. said that he believed that it was probably due to the super fast growth of blood vessels, and the fact that one of them may have been weak and broke, causing the bleeding. He also said that the pocket of blood could either come out (and not to be surprised) or it could simply be reabsorbed into my body. Well hot diggity, that sounds good to me!

Tomorrow is our first midwife appointment and we are jazzed! My midwife sounded so excited when I spoke to her on the phone -it was really cute. Last time I taunted her with a possible Christmas baby, and this year I will be taunting her with a potential Thanksgiving baby! I am so cruel...

We are still chuggin' away, trying to sell our house. I am not really in a big hurry to sell our house because I love our neighbors, but I am just tired of having to make sure the house is always in showing condition. Mindi and I both agree that we need to just get away! Which brings us to our next subject...

The little Scamp trailer! As you may remember, I was rehabbing the little trailer, but then that had to take the back burner to my family, and, well, winter... But now, Mindi and I have agreed that we need to get away, and so I am starting a few little projects to get the trailer in good working order! 1. I am building an effective bunk system that is safe for a baby (and later 2), 2. I am fixing the saggy door and door handle, and 3. I am fixing the vent hood on the top of the trailer. Yippee! I love working on the trailer. I have been feeling in a creative slump lately because 1. I am obviously not going to work on decorating a house I am trying to sell, and 2. All of my craft and sewing supplies are in storage. The trailer project should help with that!


  1. if you don't want to give this info out to me, that's ok. anna, my wife, and i are thinking about moving back into seattle proper (we're in renton now). would you be willing to share your listing with me? you can email it to me: khenolson@gmail :)

  2. so glad to hear that the sprinkle is doing well! and holy smokes -- Harris is such a growing little guy... (love the hat). totally looking forward to more pics of the scamp!

  3. Glad Sprinkle is thumping away!!

  4. wow, harris is getting SOOOO big!!!

    Thrilled to hear everything is great with sprinkLE!!!


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