Saturday, April 11, 2009

feeling good

Well, there has been no more signs of bleeding so far. I am still exhausted and my boobs hurt, so I am looking at those two things as big positives that our sprinkle is still thriving. I am still anxious about next week's ultrasound, but I am much more optimistic now than I was a few days ago!


  1. what an adorable photo! good luck with the u/s. i'm sure everything is ok. :)we don't have our first one for a few more weeks.

  2. great photo of the big man!
    so glad there has been no more red...
    keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for great news for your u/s!!!

  3. He looks so big! I am blown away by his sandwich and oatmeal eating-you must be so proud!
    I'll continue to think good thought for the little sprout. Will this be another holiday baby then? Both of mine were due on Dec 29-crazy!


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