Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Roughin' It

After a combination of few conveniently placed Harris naps, coupled with some gracious time given to me by my love Mindi, I managed to build the bunk in the camper! I still have a lot of work to do to get the camper in "good camping condition", but that bunk was just the project that I needed to complete to really make me feel as if I am making some headway on this little trailer. Ok, well, it is not totally complete, but it is 4 screws and maybe a coat of paint away from being finished. I am having a hard time deciding if I should paint it or not. If I had thought that I was definitely not going to paint it, I think that I would have made sure that the support beams were the same wood as the ladder wood... Maybe I should wait until I know what I am going to do about cabinet doors before I paint... Anyhow, here are some pictures of the bunk as it is now!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bagel Thief

Harris and I had a busy day together. We went to the grocery store, and then hit the Salvation Army and the Value Villiage looking for white sheets for the foam cushion project in the little camper. After going grocery shopping, we were both pooped. I was pregnant pooped, Harris was nappy pooped, but it was lunchtime, and we had to eat. Upon coming home, I put away all of the cold and frozen food, but decided to leave the non perishables until after we both had some food in our bellies. I was cooking away and noticed that Harris (at my feet) had grown very quiet. I looked down, and saw that he just couldn't wait for his lunch...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick Update

Mindi, Harris, and I all went downtown yesterday to get the ultrasound done. Much to our pleasant relief, the little sprinkle is alive and kickin' with a strong little heartbeat. They did see, however, an "pocket of blood" if you will. The Dr. said that he believed that it was probably due to the super fast growth of blood vessels, and the fact that one of them may have been weak and broke, causing the bleeding. He also said that the pocket of blood could either come out (and not to be surprised) or it could simply be reabsorbed into my body. Well hot diggity, that sounds good to me!

Tomorrow is our first midwife appointment and we are jazzed! My midwife sounded so excited when I spoke to her on the phone -it was really cute. Last time I taunted her with a possible Christmas baby, and this year I will be taunting her with a potential Thanksgiving baby! I am so cruel...

We are still chuggin' away, trying to sell our house. I am not really in a big hurry to sell our house because I love our neighbors, but I am just tired of having to make sure the house is always in showing condition. Mindi and I both agree that we need to just get away! Which brings us to our next subject...

The little Scamp trailer! As you may remember, I was rehabbing the little trailer, but then that had to take the back burner to my family, and, well, winter... But now, Mindi and I have agreed that we need to get away, and so I am starting a few little projects to get the trailer in good working order! 1. I am building an effective bunk system that is safe for a baby (and later 2), 2. I am fixing the saggy door and door handle, and 3. I am fixing the vent hood on the top of the trailer. Yippee! I love working on the trailer. I have been feeling in a creative slump lately because 1. I am obviously not going to work on decorating a house I am trying to sell, and 2. All of my craft and sewing supplies are in storage. The trailer project should help with that!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

feeling good

Well, there has been no more signs of bleeding so far. I am still exhausted and my boobs hurt, so I am looking at those two things as big positives that our sprinkle is still thriving. I am still anxious about next week's ultrasound, but I am much more optimistic now than I was a few days ago!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


These first early weeks have been pretty easy for me. Despite 1 major hormonal flareup, my biggest problem is being frickin' tired beyond belief. I remember feeling like this when I was pregnant with Harris- no morning sickness, just the feeling of constant exhaustion. Much to our dismay, yesterday I had some bleeding. Bright, red, scary bleeding. I called my Dr.'s office and told them about it. We had just had our 6 week ultrasound the day before (on Monday) and had seen the sprinkle's little flickering heartbeat. I was mortified. She told me not to pick up Harris. She also suggested I stay off my feet and call into work. I did just that. Then the bleeding stopped. Quite suddenly, actually, almost like a blood blister had popped, and when it was done draining, it was just done. The bleeding lasted for about 3 hours. After calling the Dr.'s office today to let them know that the bleeding had stopped, they asked me to simply keep them informed.

We have another ultrasound scheduled for 8 weeks (which was routine for their office), and so we have to wait until then to make sure the sprink is doing ok. Wish us luck- we are holding our breath over here...

Friday, April 3, 2009

3 Minutes and 11 Seconds of Sandwich Eating Excitment

This is a 3min video of our son, Harris, eating a grilled cheese sandwich. If you make it all the way through the video I can only assume that you are either trying to have a baby, or you have no life- or both (aaah, the good ol' days!)


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