Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pee Stix

So, in following with the good ol' fashioned TTC obsession of peeing on as many sticks as possible, I felt that it was my duty, despite having a blood draw pregnancy test scheduled for Sunday morning, to use up all of my left over pregnancy tests during this 2 week wait. Speaking "classically" I am currently at 10DPO. I peed on my first stick yesterday, and second one this morning. Both tests came up negative- but I have always felt that 9 and 10 DPO were too early for me to get a positive anyways. When we were trying to get pregnant with Harris, I didn't get a faint positive until 14 DPO. I will say, however, that 2-3 minutes after the test was taken, I could maybe see a second line... Let's not get our hopes up! We will know on Sunday for sure!!


  1. waiting anxiously over here :)

  2. dear GOD that would rock!!!

  3. Hoping it's a positive, but dear goodness woman, step away from the pee sticks!

  4. Sending you the best of "positive" thoughts. Can't wait to hear.

  5. Eeeeeek! We want pictures! Keep peeing!


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