Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Current Journeys

The Family Style Love blog has been experiencing some serious neglect. I cannot apologize for it, however, because I just have too much shit going on! The most exciting thing for us right now, is, undeniably, the IVF cycle. I am sure that many of you know how IVF works, so I am not going to go into details here, but we are currently in the twice a day injection phase- Lupron in the AM, and a mix of Bravell and Menopur at night. The latter of the 2 is a multi step injection that requires mixing 4 bitty bottles together with saline. Let me tell you- the needle is gigantic, but luckily, it is just for mixing. The actual injection needle is much more friendly looking. It burns though- ooooh does it burn! Mindi has given me my injection once. I would have to say that I have not found either method to be better (mindi doing it or me doing it). I am also being monitored via ultrasound so that they can aspirate the eggs before I ovulate. I went for my first dildocam on Sunday, then today, I have another one scheduled for tomorrow, and it appears that I may have the aspiration procedure done on Saturday or Sunday. Mindi will have to be with me, as they will knock me out for the procedure. I kind of feel like this experience for me is reminiscent of how I felt right before Harris was born- I am in sort of a Zen-unexcited-notforlackofexcitement-relaxedaboutitall- kind of place... We should know by the 24th if it works!

The second time-consuming thing is the sale of our house! We have been cleaning and painting like mad women trying to get the house in order. We are also on the lookout for the plum trees lining our street to bloom. We kindof live in the pseudo-ghetto, if you will, but our street is the most gorgeous one around when those plum trees bloom! I am anticipating that the plum trees will bloom and that the house will go on the market within the next 3 weeks!

Mindi and I are both getting new glasses! I know, that sounds so unexciting, but Mindi has not had new glasses for almost 7 years and she is way overdue. I have had my current boring librarian glasses for about 4 years, and my eyes are in need of a fix up as well! So, we are going to bite the bullet and get our eye exams done Friday afternoon. We have both found frames that we really like (which was quite a feat) and we are ready to go!! I will be sure to post a picture of me in my old and then new specs when I have them- I am going for sassy this time! No more tortoise shell for me- oh no no! I am going to live it up a little! I am not getting any younger, and I need to take care of myself a little more, so sassy glasses is step number 1! We are also both going to splurge and get Rx sunglasses too- we have always wanted them and never went for it, so away we go!

Let's see... anything else? Ummm Harris is walking more and more and more lately. He is super cute because he is so cautious! Whoops- I have to go to work now- I am hoping to update again soon!!!


  1. woohoo on the IVF! I have been *waiting* for a post from you, and it's good to hear that things are moving along. holy smokes, #2! looking forward to photos of Harris (hint, hint) and the new glasses for you and M.

  2. great update! wow, so excited for you. lots of good luck being sent your way. i so hope it works!! looking forward to photos of the little man and the new glasses! woo! GOOD LUCK!!! xo


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