Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lighter Is Not Better

Ok, so you are all wonderful and fantastic but now I am a little concerned... I took another test this morning and the second line is lighter than yesterdays second line... I can still see it, but it is fainter! ACK!!! I am really hoping that this is not a chemical pregnancy! Ninefirefly has been begging me for a pee stick shot, so here is a comparison from yesterday. Yesterday's (faint)positive is on the top, and today's (even fainter) positive is on the bottom. I know that it is still early- I think I am only at 12DPO but I hate that it got lighter...



  2. Don't freak out, the dye on the test strips is very inconsistent. A line is a line. It's not a quantitative measurement. A beta is the only thing that can give you a quantitative measure.

  3. you'll be fine. go have a blood test is what i recommend. it was nice to hear a clear number from my NP. stick, stick, stick baby! :)

  4. My sticks went back and forth with bright and dark! It all depends on how much pee you have in you, what you had the night before, what moon is out...

    The gypsy sticks aren't that reliable either. I think the dye can vary. I used the equate brand from w-mart and some first response. I think they'r emuch better in indicating true HCG values.

    Here's the link to my pee sticks when I was pregnant with #2:

    Good luck!

  5. Yay pee sticks! Thank you for feeding my obsession! I think you will be fine, I second the beta idea though.

  6. How about getting one of those sticks that just reads PREGNANT in the window? Cause you are making me nervous. YEAH WHAT GIA WORD STICK.

  7. that looks pregnant to me...

    holy shit!

    total good wishes for you; awaiting more word. :)

  8. I am in exactly the same the same position although I am on 14dpo and the line is as faint as yesterday but still no AF (was due today and my temps are continuing to rise slightly). I was glad to see your sticks as they look the same as mine. Please let us know how you get on?


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