Monday, March 30, 2009

Everything in Moderation

Toddler whining is ok- in moderation

Toddler crying is ok- in moderation

Pregnancy Hormones are ok- in moderation

CONSTANT toddler whining plus crying, coupled with too many hormones= NOT OK

I am telling you guys- I am stressed out today! Harris is battling a cold that he caught not this Sunday, but LAST Sunday- a cold which I managed to catch as well. He feels like doody, I feel like doody, he is crying and whining nonstop and I am beside myself. I want to get up and play horsey to cheer him up, but thanks to the Sprinkle (our new name for the wee one) I am too tired to stand, let alone gallop. He screams if I put him down, and he hangs on to my leg as if he would otherwise fall into a pit of firey lava... I decided to take him into a shower to give him (and I) a change of scenery, and hopefully to help his congestion. I tried 3 times to set him down and the screaming ensued- he loves the shower.... uuuuugh...

Also, I fear that my pregnancy hormones must be taking over already, because my wife has been less than thrilled with me lately...

On a positive note, we had a very successful open house yesterday (trying to sell our house) and we also found a house that we really like (to buy)! Hopefully someone will like our current house as much as we like our potential new house...


  1. You guys are not going to live in the Airstream with two kids?

  2. i just have to say i'm kinda excited that we have the same due date:) haha. i've been rather snappy with me wife recently too. i can't seem to eat enough either. ugh. i hope you and harris feel better soon.

  3. I'm so sorry that you (both) are feel cruddy -- and that sweet Harris is a clingmonster, but how tremendously cute is that little baby, who now looks like such a BOY? cute cute cute!!!

  4. Ugh! I feel your pain. My little guy is teething and he is acting the exact same way. It's reassuring to know that this behavior is normal when the poor babes are feeling cruddy. I was beginning to think something more serious was wrong with him.


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