Saturday, March 7, 2009

19 Eggs

So, Mindi and I got back home from our egg retrieval about 2 hours ago. The whole thing went really well. As the post title states, they were able to retrieve 19 eggs! Interestingly enough, during all of the dildocam ultrasounds, it appeared that my egg count was always 20. While Mind and I were walking from the parking garage to the office, I felt myself lose an egg- you know, I ovulated! It is amazing how in tune you can be with your body after doing fertility treatments! Then, I thought it was super funny to hear that they got 19 eggs- I was right! Listen to your body, I tell you! Harris stayed with our lovely neighbors during the appointment, so that took a little stress off of Mindi. Speaking of Mindi- she was super cute, giving me little kisses before and after the procedure, and telling me how proud and excited she was. Here I am right after waking up from the procedure.

I am also throwing in a couple cute pics of Harris that I took the other day when we went to IKEA. Harris is doing so well with his fork and spoon!


  1. Wow, 19 eggs! That's great! I'm glad you're doing well and wish you the best for the transfer. Say hi to Mindi and Harris for me.

  2. Congrats on the excellent retrieval! I hope the transfer is equally smooth!

  3. 19 eggs is great! Here's to an easy transfer as well.


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