Friday, January 30, 2009

IVF is on the Books

Our IVF appointment was great- we got a tentative schedule while we were there, and it really helped us see the reality in what we were about to do. The IVF coordinator told us all about the shots, the drugs, the tests, the retrieval procedure, etc. We got a prescription for birth control pills (which is the first step in IVF). Much to my happy surprise, our first official IVF cycle started on January 26th with the arrival of my period. I am currently taking birth control pills, and will start taking my first injectable medication on Valentine's day. Interestingly enough, Mindi, Harris, and I will be in Las Vegas with Mindi's mom and sister D that day. We will all be meeting in Las Vegas to be together on the anniversary of Mindi's Dad's passing on Feb 14, 2007. I am hoping that the trip is positive and upbeat, and that we are all able to focus on the positives!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have been thinking about posting for a ong time, but as with every other overdue post, life got in the way. I really am very envious of the women whos blogs I follow that are able to post every few days or so- I have no idea how they do it! I haven't posted since December, and here it is, almost February!
Starting where we left off... as you know, Harris' birthday party was a success! 5 Days later, on Christmas day, we hopped on a plane to Miami. Harris had a cold the entire trip, but he was still as cute as a button! We arrived in Miami in the evening, and the next morning, we hopped on a 3 Day Cruise to the Bahamas! It was Harris and my first cruise, and everyone had a blast! He seemed to highly enjoy the sand under his feet and the wind in his hair!

After the Bahamas, it was back to Grammy's house for 4 more days in sunny Miami!
Here is a cute little clip of Harris having some play time at a little spray park by grammy's house. Pardon my boobage in this video- just pay attention to the little cutie who is almost walking!

When we returned from FL, we came to 2 very big "green lights" in our life. I won't go into details about either green light, but those 2 green lights mean 2 very big things for us- the sale of our current house that leads to the purchase of a new house, AND it is time for IVF!

We have been hopping and bopping around our house, trying to pare down our belongings, and put stuff into boxes for storage in order to show the house. Our goal is to put our house on the market in March. At this point, that goal is very attainable. We will need to sell our current house in order to buy a new house, and we are fully aware that this method may put us in an extended stay or month to month rental for a while. We are fine with that!

Then, we came to the IVF green light! Our appointment is actually today at 2pm. At this appointment, we will make a game plan and they will most likely prescribe birth control pills for me for the first leg of the 2 cycle journey! Wahoo! There is nothing like a doctor's appointment on your calendar to help things sink in!!

Oh, and I almost forgot the title of this post! Harris is using his first sign- MORE! more kisses, more hugs, more play, more sleep, more applesauce.... I love it!


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