Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First Birthday

Wow. Our baby is officially 1. I look at him and he seems to huge compared to what he was when he was first born, but, at other times, when he is feeling snuggly or under the weather, he seems so little and tender as he crawls up into my lap.

The Birthday Party was a success. We ended up having 10 adults and 6 babies/kids in our tiny little living room. It was a bit cramped, but cozy. The babies had a great time in the baby mosh pit, and the one bigger kid (2.5 year old) had fun raiding Harris' book stash in his bedroom. Chef Mindi made some AWESOME pizza, and we set out fruit kabobs, spring rolls and chick'n nuggets with dipping sauce. The spiked punch was all gone by the end of the party and fun was had by all. The babies even got their own spread of baby yogurt melts, puffs, and O's. We are not huge fans of birthday cake, so Harris got his own individual cake consisting of a shortcake shell, filled with yogurt and raspberries, made by yours truly. He loved it! The rest of us ate cinnamon pull-aparts and mini coffee cakes. His gift from us was a vintage Little Tikes Woody Station Wagon that we scored at the Goodwill earlier in the week. He LOVES it!

Up until this point, we didn't think that he had any words. There certainly wasn't anything recognizable coming out of mouth. But then, the other day, Mindi was sitting on the floor and Harris crawled towards her, stopped, put his arms up, and said "DaDa". He had said dadadadada before, so she thought it might just be his bable-talk, but then, after she started paying close attention, she (and I) realized that he really was calling her dada! Go figure... Then, the other day, after some close listening and repetition, we realized that he has a word for our dog Brutus! It sounds like "uuth". We are still doing our research into what his name for me is, but so far, it sounds like it may be "MaDa".

We have gotten quite a bit of snow dumped on us this last week and a half. Most of the people in my neighborhood lack 4 wheel drive vehicles, and are therefore stuck in their houses with a case of cabin fever. Luckily for us, we do have 4 wheel drive and so we were able to get out of our house yesterday for Harris' pediatrician appointment. "Happy birthday kid, here, I am going to stick you with 2 big needles". It was fun to go about our day, constantly looking at the clock and remembering what we were doing at that exact moment one year ago. What a wild ride- I am so in love with my family!

Friday, December 19, 2008


I did not fall off the planet. I have been busy stalking my pregnant friend TIFF who was due on the 16th... I love cyber-stalking!

Harris' birthday is this coming Tuesday. I cannot believe that he will be 1 year old. But, no, wait, I can.... sort of...

I have been feverishly planning his birthday party (that is going down tomorrow!) for a little while now. I am fully aware that 1st birthday parties are really for the adults, so I have simple (100% homemade) decorations, and will be serving spiked punch. YUM! Maybe I will find the time in the next 30 years to post pictures after the party!


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