Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pot Pie Calzones And Other Such Pleasantries

Sue lovingly inquired about the pot-pie calzone filling, and how we made it. Before I divulge, I have to say that I had no idea how wonderful calzones (or empenadas) could be. There are SO MANY WAYS to prepare these little pockets of love that you could make them for Pizza night, Mexican night, Asian Night, and even breakfast! They are fast and easy to make, easy to bake, easy to freeze, easy to reheat, and can be as healthy (or as decadent!) as you want them to be, depending on the filling. They are super inexpensive, and you most likely have the stuff in your pantry to make a version of them for lunch or dinner today!

I have never measured an exact amount of any ingredients that I have put in my calzones, however, I always mix my filling in one of my cereal bowls that holds (wait, let me go measure) 3 fluid cups. I typically fill that bowl no higher than 2/3rds full, so 2 cups of filling is the most I ever make. I have always used a Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Crust (follow this link for great pizza recipes that are easily made into calzones!!!) although, if you have a good pizza crust recipe, by all means, use it (or a croissant dough would work too- yum!)

Ok, so, you need 1 pizza crust, and 2 cups worth of filling. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Grease a cookie sheet, separate your dough into 4 sections (the size of shrunken tennis balls I guess). Work them into thin circle- type shapes (leave perfection at the door...). Plop 1/4 of your mixture just left of center (or right, sheesh!) then fold over the calzone and pinch the edges together or smoosh them together with the tines of a fork. You should have something resembling a half moon shaped blob. Put the 4 calzones on the cookie sheet and bake them at 400 12-15 minutes, or until golden.

Like I said before, you can put almost anything in these pockets, but for the sake of this post and the sake of my lovely reader Sue, here is the general recipe for our version of chicken pot pie filling!

1.Quorn Chik'n Tenders or chicken, cut into little chunks

2.Veggies (fresh cut or frozen) your choice: corn, green beans, carrots, celery, green onion, peas...(frozen 'mixed soup vegetables' work great for this!)

3.Soup base- we made our own soup base using approximately 2cups vegetable broth, a few shakes of minced onion, a bit of vegetarian chik'n bullion, a sprinkle (or two or three!) dill weed, a few good shakes of poultry seasoning, a bit of pepper, a dash of salt, 1tsp cornstarch, 1tsp olive oil. Or, you could use a Cream of whatever soup if you prefer. I have personally never used a cream of whatever soup in my calzones, so I am not sure how much water you would need to add- I will leave that to you!

That is it! Just cook the meat (or whatever you use) first before mixing it in. Then stuff 'em and bake 'em!

Here are some other combos for your inspiration:

Mexican: refried beans, rice, meat, corn, salsa

BBQ: BBQ chicken, pork whatever, smoked Gouda and mozzarella cheese, red onion, cilantro, bbq sauce

Jamaican Jerk: Jerk Sauce, chicken, bacon, mild onions,mozzarella, grilled peppers, scallions

Thai: peanut-ginger sauce, sesame oil, marinated meat, mozzarella, scallions, sprouts, julienne carrots, cilantro, chopped peanuts

Pizza: Whatever you would put on the top, put on the inside!

Hey, let me know if anyone tries these!!!


  1. Thank you so very much!! I can't wait to try this out....or more likely, have the husband give it a whirl, as he is the preferred chef of our household.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate these clever cooking ideas!

  2. Love the recipe! I'll definitely have to try it at some point with cool fillings.

  3. What keeps the liquid in when you are preparing it?

  4. Thanks for asking Anonymous! Even though we used 2 cups worth of vege broth, and you may do the same or use cream of whatever soup, when you actually mix the veggies and protein, and/or rice or whatever in together, the filling is not soupy at all, it is more like a thick thick chioli if you will. Be daring, and let me know if you try it!!

  5. We were looking for a way to enjoy chicken pot pie with less calories. The pie crust is so fatty we had to come up with an alternative. I suggested Chicken Pot Pie Calzones, which we are making tonight, I'm glad to see someone else has made them and like them.


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