Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Need Chocolate

Mindi and I just finished our menu plan for the next 2 weeks! We have been doing 2 week menu planning for about a month and a half now. It has really simplified our life, especially since I have gone back to work. Now, we are always sure that we have a real meal planned for our family, even on the nights when I am at work and it is just Mindi and Harris together. We have started making double batches of stuff and freezing it. Just the other day, I made 6 bean rice and cheese burritos to freeze. I was really proud of myself- I used dried organic pintos to make the un-fried, re-fried part of the beans with some organic mozzarella and cilantro rice (rice made by Mindi). The burritos were so good that they only lasted us 3 days. I can't wait to make more. We used to buy the Amy's burritos but I am never going back!

Harris was as cute as ever on Halloween. We were lazy and dressed him in a store-bought costume. There was no denying though, that he was cute as hell in that little costume!!! We took him to the mall for "Trick or Treat at the Mall" Night. I thought that it was strange, weird, unnerving, sad to see all these little kids dressed up to go to the mall as opposed to door to door, but I suppose it might be better for a lot of them then going door to door in their neighborhoods. Mindi and I just wanted to get out and show off our little one, and being that he will not remember his first Halloween, and the fact that we would probably get some strange looks if we went door to door, we figured that the mall was a good place to go. Harris' favorite part was the play pit- yeh, you know, the one that is always there, even when it is not Halloween... I made him a cute little candy boo bag- perfectly sized for him, with a hole in the top just big enough for the moms to reach in and steal ALL of his candy... hahahaha! Mean Mommies! Thieves! THIEVES!

I am looking at the boo bag right now, sadly staring at fruity candy. I need chocolate damn it.. Really, I JUST NEED CHOCOLATE!


  1. What a sweet boy! I love his costume, who cares if it's store-bought?

  2. too cute, our baby o.g. was also a giraffe :-)

  3. Yeah, that kid looks real distaught...i should be so distraught...


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