Monday, October 20, 2008

Retiring the Crib at 10 Months

We love co-sleeping. BUT, we are getting the itch to reclaim our space. 10 months has been a long time to not really have a "private space if our own". I have really really enjoyed our co sleeping experience thus far, but a few days ago, we decided to retire his crib in favor of his very own, new and improved, firm yet comfortable full sized futon mattress. Now, I say "retire his crib" but, in reality, it was never employed. Like. Ever. I can't help but feel guilty- the crib was an expensive gift from Mindi's mom to us, and he never spent a single night (or nap for that matter) in the darn crib. Alas, that chapter has been closed, and the chapter of "big boy has his own room" has begun! We have been introducing him slowly to the new room. He has spent a fair amount of time in that room up until now- it was his nursery after all, with the changing station and the rocking chair, but now he is becoming familiar in a whole new way. We decided that, in order to make his transition easier, I have been taking his first nap with him in his new bed (gee, twist my arm...). I have done that now for about 5 days. Then, about 4 days ago, I have started bringing him to his bed right after his midnight bottle, and I would stay with him there for the night. I think that tonight will be the first night that we are going to try putting him in his big boy bed, and I will return to the mama bed.

I love that the futon mattress is thin enough for him to crawl up onto, and off again at will. I put some soft, quiet toys down at the foot of the bed for him, in hopes that, if he wakes before we do, he may just play quietly for a bit before sounding the bell. It worked this morning, in fact, at least, after he "tapped" me on the forehead, instead of just pushing me to get up, as soon as I opened my eyes and acknowledged him, he headed down to play and I was able to catch a few more winks!

What about you mom's and dad's out there? Has anyone else simply bypassed the crib? Did you then move your child to a big-person mattress? How was the transition for the family??


  1. I used a crib, but we moved my daughter fairly early to a toddler bed at 18 months old. She did very well despite everyone thinking I was crazy.

    The only issue I forsee you having is when he starts to walk.... it'll be difficult to contain him! haha

  2. our two are still in their cribs at 17 months. if you have harris on a mattress and not contained when he is in there alone, do you worry that he will get hurt or get into 'trouble?' i am not sure that we could babyproof a rooom to such an extent at my kids' current age that i could say with certainty that there was nothing they could get into. good luck!

  3. we use a crib, but transitioned it from beside our bed into his own room a month or so ago. he actually took to it really well and adjusted really quickly- i think we'd been keeping him up at night with us all so close together snoring and smelling like breastmilk. we're just now transitioning into his crib for naps, though. it's been a bit more challenging, as he's used to cuddling with one of us for the entire nap, and that's no longer a possibility.

  4. Teo was in a co-sleeper next to our bed for 9 months until he grew too long for it, and was starting to climb out of it. Then we transitioned him to his crib in the nursery and it went very well. He's still in the crib at 18 months, but we're thinking of converting it to the toddler bed (it's one of those lifetime beds). Like you, I feel like he might just go out and play with his toys in the morning and let us sleep more. Maybe it's just wishful thinking...

  5. i have no advice on this, but am very curious to see how it goes and hear the advice from others. we are going to have wee one in the bassinet next to the bed for the first 6 mos or so, and then move him to his crib. well, this is the plan.....

    lots of good luck though! hope the adjustment goes smoothly!!!

    Ps. you MUST email me or post on my blog to let me know if you're going to make any more sock monkeys. k really wants to get one soon, and i know she wanted to support you if you were still selling them. let me know lady.

  6. Greetings from one of your "lurkers!" haha We have followed you since Harris was about 3 months old (as our son is almost his same age- 9.5 months and has a 2 mama house!)
    As for the co-sleeping; we share a family bed (mommy, mama and boy) and have "employed" the crib in a new way..mama took the side rail off and it is next to our bed in a "co-sleeper fashion" just much he has his own space (he's never in there) but can crawl to us at will. (He's normally attached to the boob on and off all night)
    The futon is a great idea though! We will be waiting to see how it turns out! Good luck! Maybe if it works, we'll try it when we're ready to "boot" the son out of the bed! Although, I don't see it happening anytime soon..hehe


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