Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3 Days, 3 Ways

I am not sure if this motto is extended to the entire US, but in the last 2 years or so I have been hearing it A LOT here in WA state. For those of you who may not have heard about 3 Days, 3 Ways, it is the catch phrase for "be prepared in case of emergency", the most likely emergencies in my area being earthquakes, floods, and possibly some wind storms. 2 winters ago, we had a big windstorm in December. Along with over half of Seattle, and surrounding areas, we lost power to our house for 5 days. Typically, people think of Seattle winter as mainly rainy, but it does get cold here too- below freezing at night. We managed to do just fine camping out in our house, because at that time, we were still childless besides the animals, but by the 3rd day of the power outage, we could see our breath while we were laying in bed. I felt that we did ok in terms of being prepared for an outage, but it did make me realize that we needed to really find a home for our flashlights, and be aware of where our camping gear is stored. If we had not had a fireplace, and some sweet neighbors with extra firewood, I think that we would have been a little more in the doghouse...

The point of this story, is that I have been wanting to make a preparedness kit for a while now, but just haven't. I did pick up some jugs of water, but I knew that we had to have some sort of non-perishable food plan, as well as supplies. I am still working on "supplies", but the food portion of the plan just got a lot easier!
Because I am trying to rid the plastic from our lives, I stumbled across the information that BPA, the chemical that started this whole "quest to deplacticize" is also found in canned goods and soda cans. I was floored. I had no idea! Here, I thought that I was doing good by passing by the plastic jugs, jars, and bottles in favor of metal cans, only to find out that they are practically all lined with BPA. Ug. So, Mindi and I wanted to get a true interpretation of what kind of foods that we had in our pantry, and ate on a regular basis, that were not canned, as well as evaluate the canned foods and find safer/better/healthier alternatives. We got a box, and literally put everything in a can, into that box. So then, we have this box of "tainted food" that we didn't know what to do with. We decided to donate it, but then realized that it would definitely fulfill the "food need" in our 3 Days 3 Ways plan. Wahoo! Moral of the story: I would rather eat some tainted food in a disaster than starve.

Here is a picture of our food box!

Does anyone else have an obsession with glass/ plastic/cans? What are you guys doing in regards to the news about BPA? It is found in a lot of baby bottles too!!


  1. Now a lot of baby bottles are coming out BPA-free but that wasn't the case last year when our son was drinking out of them. We went and bought some Born-Free ones and were happy until we found out that the organic formula we fed him (I nursed, but also supplemented) had BPA in the can. I wrote a letter to Earth's Best sounding my disapproval. They wrote back a snippy letter about how the FDA approves their cans etc. Whatever. BPA has been banned in Europe for a while now. The FDA isn't doing jack to protect us, I think.

  2. meh, we don't worry too much about it. we try to avoid eating processed food generally, so we don't have a lot of plastic/canned stuff around. and the baby refuses to drink out of a bottle, and on the off chance he'll tolerate it, it's usually the bpa-laden avent one we got as a freebie when i was pregnant. what are you gonna do, right?
    i didn't know about the cans being tainted, though. i like your idea of turning them into your emergency food. we need to line up some of that.

  3. its found in baby bottles as well as some sippy cups! And also, the lining of all the cans that formula comes in..super eh?

    I've rid my house of as much of it as I can. My hubby even upgraded to the new nalgene bottle which is bpa free... and thankfully all the sippy cups i have for my daughter are bpa free also.

  4. im quickly becoming obsessed... but every day I read something about it being somewhere else.. Some days it is overwhelming.

  5. I feel like we can't get away from the stuff! I had NO idea it was in cans. Geez. Anyway, as for baby bottles, we are getting the BPA free kinds....and I've ditched my water bottle I used to always carry with me....I'm probably not drinking as much...but hey, at least I'm not drinking tainted h2o! I think I'm going to look into getting an stainless steel water bottle if that's shown to be okay. I'm hoping they will ban the stuff soon.

  6. Thanks for this. I didn't know about the cans. I do, have rid my life of everything plastic, but I eat *tons* of food from cans (mostly beans since I'm veggie). I just found this info that Eden Foods' canned products *don't* contain BPA: http://www.edenfoods.com/about/environment.php According to this blog, they may be the only ones who are BPA-free: http://safemama.com/2008/03/28/eden-foods-cans-are-bpa-free/


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