Wednesday, September 24, 2008

STILL SLEEPING! GDiaper update

Ok, he is still sleeping- I was just looking at my Live Feed on my sidebar , and I saw that someone had come to my site via, looking for information on cloth inserts for gDiapers...

Woohoo! I love how word spreads online! Anyhoo, I wanted to address 3 things for the ladies that wanted to make these inserts... #1, I really think that 5 layers of microfiber will be too much. The pocket will end up being too bulky for the gD #2 I now make the entire top of the pocket fleece/flannel, instead of just a patch of fleece, and #3, I abandoned using the little fabric "caps" on the microfiber part after discovering that quilting the 4 layers of microfiber worked better! Here are some pics of my current cloth gDiaper inserts.

You can find my original instructions here


  1. I'm thinking that in addition to homemade, hand-me-down diaper inserts would be a great thing...for my future baby, that is! they are so very cute, and well, if you didn't know what you were going to do with them afterwards...

    loved seeing the photos of M and H, and so glad that the scamp is in action. any more interior decorating shots?

  2. ummm, so we need more news Lynn... ;)

    ps. are you going to make anymore sock monkeys with the button eyes???

  3. Can you post the dimensions you used for your inserts? I'd love to make some too, but I'm not sure if you made them the same size as the gDiaper inserts, or adjusted it for your own liking.

    They look great :)


  4. Hey Cindy- sorry I didn't reply sooner! The dimensions of my inserts are about the same dimensions of the flushables, just with rounded corners. You want to make sure that whatever inserts you make for your gDiaper covers, when stuffed in, cause the diaper to form the same cup shape that it does when you properly stuff in a flushable. If you stuff in a cloth insert (of whatever kind) and there is room to spare inside the liner, then you will most likely end up with a leak. HTH!


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