Wednesday, September 24, 2008

STILL SLEEPING! GDiaper update

Ok, he is still sleeping- I was just looking at my Live Feed on my sidebar , and I saw that someone had come to my site via, looking for information on cloth inserts for gDiapers...

Woohoo! I love how word spreads online! Anyhoo, I wanted to address 3 things for the ladies that wanted to make these inserts... #1, I really think that 5 layers of microfiber will be too much. The pocket will end up being too bulky for the gD #2 I now make the entire top of the pocket fleece/flannel, instead of just a patch of fleece, and #3, I abandoned using the little fabric "caps" on the microfiber part after discovering that quilting the 4 layers of microfiber worked better! Here are some pics of my current cloth gDiaper inserts.

You can find my original instructions here

Honest, I Swear

I swear, I have more to say than what I have been saying (or not saying) as of late. I currently have a list of at least 10 blog posts that I WANT to write. I have been pretty frustrated lately. At every stage of harris' development, I think to myself, 'oh good, now that he can_______ he won't need me constantly...' . You veteran moms out there are probably laughing your asses off at my naive thought processes... He does. he still needs me ALL THE TIME. I love being a stay at home mom, but man is it taxing! I remember, back when I was about 20weeks preggers, I was over at my neighbor's house, and I remember asking her "don't you ever get bored?" I wish that I had snapped a picture of the look on her face; it was sheer disbelief- she must have been thinking that I was a complete nitwit. In retrospect, that question was as stupid as they come.


There is always SOMETHING going on to keep her attention. take right now, for example. It is 1:10pm my time. I have been desperately trying to complete this blog post since 9am. Yes, 9am. And you know what? I may not be able to finish it before i have to abandon it again for something else... (most likely, Harris), so, forgive me if i post this darn post without finishing a sentence... I kept thinking to myself, "oh, it's ok if I only get a few sentences in right now, I will do it at his 9:30am nap..." 9:30 came and went with no nap. Finally, at 10:45, he went down for a whopping 30 minutes. By that time, my laptop had decided to spite me, and I had to do a restart, and let the dog out, and get a snack, and before I knew it? Yup- the baby was awake.

I just got the baby down to nap and made a beeline for my computer to pound out my frustrations. Mid way through, Mindi asks me to do something- no problem. A few minutes later, I have to get up and do something else... The baby just woke up... it has only been 14 minutes... Mindi went in... bless her soul, he is sleeping again...

This last bit is to EVERY MOTHER OUT THERE: If ANYONE ever asks you what you have gotten done in a day, the answer, "the baby/child is still alive" is COMPLETELY APPROPRIATE in every way, shape, and form.

Oh my God, I even found time to add pictures from our weekend wedding camping trip!!

Here is my girl, with our little cutie, in front of the Scamp:

Here, they are all dressed up at the reception:

This one is my favorite because of Harris' smooshy face. This was the morning after the ceremony. We all enjoyed oatmeal in the camper.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Twenty Minutes, 40 Seconds

If you care about the earth, when you have 20 minutes to spare, please take a look at this video. It is informative, and entertaining!

The Story of Stuff

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eating My Cares Away

Here is an extremely flattering picture of me out to breakfast with my best friend C. She has the uncanny ability to always catch me at my very best...
Oh, and this was before the oil delivery showed up...

Rough Times

Within the last 3 weeks:

$812 for car insurance
$575 for car maintainence
$522 for replacement of rear car window
and today, the oil man came, and we can now add
$673 for heating oil

When it rains, it pours.


Sunday, September 14, 2008


I promise I did not die! Lots of stuff as of late... new job, mom visiting, hard work on the trailer, great success with Harris pooping on the potty, a trailer excursion, a shot-out rear car window, new teeething pains for the baby, more to come I promise!!


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