Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have been a PURGING MAD WOMAN lately! I have always had a tendency to feel overwhelmed by physical stuff, but I have also always had a hard time getting rid of that stuff. Most of the "stuff" had sentimental value, you know, and I just couldn't bring myself to part with the nick nacks. Then I stumbled across a great idea to help me rid my house, and therefor, my psyche of all the superfluous stuff in my life. Take a picture! That's right, take a picture- it'll last longer anyways, right? Take for example a small, ratty dictionary I had growing up. Inside that dictionary, were some pressed flowers from some HUGE event in my life. You can tell just how huge and important that event was in my life since I can't remember what it was. Anyways... I had held on to this thing since 6th grade. It had traveled with me from my parent's house to college, back home, off to the girlfriend's house, then a (!)boyfriends house, back to my parents house, then to mindi's place, then finally to Seattle... It had been around. I finally decided that I needed to get rid of it- REALLY. But I couldn't just- throw it away! It held great sentimental value, that ratty old book with decomposing flowers- it was SPECIAL! I am sure that you all have something like that in your lives. So, one day, I took it out, arranged it all nice and purty-like, and I took a picture of it, and threw it A-WAY! The picture was there, on my computer, not taking up any more valuable real estate in my bookshelf, I had a clear conscience that I did not destroy a precious memory, and my mind and home are less filled with clutter. Where is that picture now? It has long since made it's way through my computer recycle bin. After a while of looking at the photo, and realizing that I had no clue where the flowers came from, the sentimental value was lost, and I was able to say bye bye for good. For other things, though, it is nice to look back at the pictures and remember.

I have seriously been scaling down my house and my belongings. We just unloaded 2 nightstands, our bed frame, a ceiling fan, some outdoor speakers, a few pillows, some books, some clothes- you get the idea. I am still going strong in my quest to rid. I read a quote from the SimpleMom Blog that has inspired me to do such things:

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." -William Morris

What a great quote!!

For more inspiration to free your house of the extras, try these sites that I love:


  1. You and Karli would get along JUSTTTT fine :) She loves de-cluttering. Way to go girl...I know it's hard to do sometimes!

  2. Hey Lynn,
    I wanted to ask you a few questions about medifast. Will you email me?


  3. Thanks so much for the links and picture idea. I'm glad to hear y'all have purged a bunch. I'm hoping to do a lot of that this weekend and y'all are a great inspiration!

  4. Blogland misses you and the family!!!

  5. I have to second Gia's comment -- I *so* miss reading and seeing bits of your life!!! Plus, I love decluttering. how's the #2 process going? the scamp? the Harris?


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